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"Wemmick came down to the door with me, and I again shook hands with him, and wished him joy. 'Thankee!' said Wemmick, rubbing his hands."
-- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, Chapter LV

Introduction to Wemics
So, what is a wemic, anyway?
Wemic Culture and Society
Food production, technology, oral traditions, organization, hunters vs herders.
Wemic Origins and History
From ancient Assyria to medieval heraldry to RPGs.
Wemics and D&D
Cayzle's review of the rules for creating wemics in Dungeons and Dragons games, for every edition of the game.
Links: Game Rules for Wemics
Links across the Internet to other pages with rules for putting wemics into role play games.
Links: Wemic Characters in Games
Character descriptions and sheets, mostly for RPGs.
Links: Wemics in Fiction
Short stories, prose fragments, gaming sessions, and other prose featuring wemics.
Links: Wemics in Art
Pencil sketches, full color paintings, 3D renderings, sculptures, and more.
Links: Wemic Miscellany
Wemics in video games, lion info, and a hodge-podge of other wemic stuff from around the Web.

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A chronology of the many changes, updates, and revisions that have been inflicted upon this site.
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D&D Screeds
Yuletide Bloodline [25-Dec-16] A new option for Pathfinder sorcerers who keep the season in their heart all the year round.
Hold Me Closer, Tiny Grappler III [19-Oct-16] Feats, magic items, and strategies for clingers.
Hold Me Closer, Tiny Grappler II [26-Sep-16] A better option for small folk who want to just grab on!
clingHold Me Closer, Tiny Grappler I [26 Aug 2016] Why we need a happy medium between D&D3.5's prohibition on tiny grapplers, and Pathfinder's choice to let them warp space and time.
Pushing Prestige Casting Past Level 10 [1-Aug-16] New rules from my just-released wonderful free PrC splat book!
Musical Mayhem [6-Jul-16] Twelve magical musical instruments in D&D ... RATED!
Hat's the Ticket! [17-May-16] Three magic hats inspired by the Erfworld webcomic, for use in D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder.
Now Be Good! Part 2 [22-Apr-16] The solution to all your prisoner problems.
Now Be Good! [3-Jan-16] You do not have to be a murderhobo any more.
More on Tower Shields [20-Dec-15] Further ideas on getting the most out of your portable wall.
Squint And Shoot! [30-Jul-15] Projectile ranges, encounter distances, and spotting your target.
Cayzle's Little Splat Book of Prestige & ClassCayzle's Little Splat Book of Prestige & Class [20-Mar-15] Announcing my very first splat book, a treasury of twelve exceptional prestige classes.
A Crazy Lady Cat WhispererThe Whisperer [2-Mar-15] A new Pathfinder prestige class centered on multiple companions of the same kind.
The Adventuring Hero [7-Dec-14] A prestige class focused on using hero points in Pathfinder.
Puppies of Death [4-Oct-14] A D&D scenario for 10th-11th level characters.
Maximizing Your Melee Damage [31-Aug-14] Speak softly and carry an especially huge stick.
The Improved Pathfinder Assassin [15-Jul-14] Revisiting an old variant for Paizo's version of the D&D game.
The Improved D&D3.5 Assassin [13-Jul-14] Rewriting an old screed for actual use.
Tower of Power [15-May-14] Exploring the fabulous options of the tower shield.
Sneaky! [25-Apr-14] 17 (or maybe 18) ways to deny your enemy her dexterity bonus to AC.
Enlarged and Reduced Projectiles in PF and D&D3.5 [23-Aug-13] This small inconsistency is the hobgoblin of my little mind!
kitten on flying saucerFun with Being Tiny [17-Jan-13] Flying tea saucers, fortress boxes, and two-dimensional characters -- literally.
Splat Books Are Bad [3-Feb-12] Summing up arguments against the PF APG -- and how to fix it.
Hand-Off [27-Nov-11] How to hand an item to a friend in combat.
Splat Books Are Insulting And Offensive [15-Jun-11] The PF Halfling and the APG Holy Vindicator.
Splat Books Are Overpowered And Unbalanced [21-May-11] The APG's Witch, Oracle, Cavalier, and Battle Herald.
Splat Books Are Badly Written [18-May-11] The APG's Clobbering Strike, Battle Herald, Weapon Cord.
Power Balance in Prestige Classes [20-Jan-10] Getting game balance just right.
Weapons in Scurry [23-Oct-09] A choice of 11 weapons and weapon-like items.
Feats, Etc. [19-Oct-09] Feat and stat boost progression in Scurry.
Craphound [16-Oct-09] A scout for Scurry.
Scurry Redux [8-Jul-09] Races and classes summary.
Counterspelling [19-Jun-09] Spell duels done right.
Hiding in Plain Sight [16-Apr-09] Hiding and Shadowdancers.
Classes and Races [1-Dec-08] Options for character creation in Scurry.
Psychopomp Spells [20-Nov-08] New spells for every class level.
Intro to Scurry [12-Nov-08] Plans for a new D&D game.
D&D 4E My Way 3 [18-May-08] This time about multiclassing.
D&D 4E My Way 4 [18-May-08] Philosophy and Goals.
D&D 4E My Way 1 [8-May-08] Philosophy and Goals.
D&D 4E My Way 2 [8-May-08] The Level One Bump.
More 4E Ranting [3-May-08] This time about multiclassing.
The Annotated Arcane Archer III [30-Apr-08] Three mixed archer/caster builds.
The Annotated Arcane Archer II [11-Mar-08] Making the most of an archery-oriented PC with a full 10 levels of the PrC.
A Cheapskate's Rant About 4E [6-Mar-08] How I'm NOT the target demographic.
The Annotated Arcane Archer I [22-Feb-08] A two-level dip into this PrC for the arcanist.
Defense Monster [2-Feb-08] Putting it all together in one survivable package.
Save Monster 2 [28-Oct-07] Race, Feat, and Item options for maxing your saving throws.
A Map Made With ExcelExcellent Maps [29-Sep-07] Ten tips for making battle maps in Microsoft Excel.
Save Monster 1 [25-Aug-07] The right way to multiclass if you want to max your saves.
Hit Point Monster [10-Aug-07] How to max your hit points.
Armor 5 [6-Jul-07] Maxing your AC without using armor.
Armor 4 [21-Jun-07] Using the heaviest of armors wildshaped!
Armor 3 [19-Jun-07] Using the heaviest of armors.
Armor 2 [15-Jun-07] Maxing your AC with both armor and dexterity.
Armor 1 [14-Jun-07] Revisiting the stock armor table, with implications.
Survivability [12-Jun-07] Starting a series on hit points, armor class, and saves.
A Power Gamer's Manifesto [31-May-07] In defense of minimaxing.
Fighting Trickster [21-Mar-07] A combat-oriented PrC to illustrate my recent design ideas.
Prestige Class Theory [10-Feb-07] Designing fighter-oriented PrCs.
New Avenger [27-Oct-06] Righter of Wrongs! Seeker of Justice!
Improved Assassin [22-Oct-06] Slight alterations designed to reward taking a full ten levels in the prestige class.
Quick [10-Oct-06] Applying Quick Draw to weapons, non-weapons, and weapon-like objects.
Conjure 2 [27-Sep-06] Using conjured creatures to track for you.
Divine Trickster [20-Sep-06] Two ways to play one.
Dainty Dangers [22-Jun-06] Caveats and cautions (part 4 of 4).
Pint-size Prankage [17-Jun-06] More on Shrink Item: More fun ideas (part 3 of 4).
Mod the Map [11-Jun-06] More on Shrink Item: Unshrinking large obstacles (part 2 of 4).
Shrinky Dinks [18-May-06] Getting creative with the Shrink Item spell (part 1 of 4).
Crit Monster [27-Jan-06] How to get the most bang from your critical hit buck.
Assassin of Assassins [13-Dec-05] How Impromptu Sneak Attack beats Uncanny Dodge.
Rogue Sniper [23-Nov-05] Getting the most out of the hide skill and sneak attack rules.
Captured! [12-Nov-05] Tips for making your escape.
Spellspinner [9-Oct-05] A spider mage prestige class with its own spell progression.
Greed [26-Sep-05] Power inflation in PrCs.
Suicide Potion [10-Sep-05] Debunking a bitter pill.
Ranking Metamagic Feats [28-Aug-05] Which ones make the grade?
The Best D&D Weapon [25-Jul-05] That you never heard of.
Not for NPCs only [24-Jun-05] Adapting NPC classes for player use.
Review 4c [16-Jun-05] Book of Erotic Fantasy: Chapter Two.
Review 4b [10-Jun-05] Book of Erotic Fantasy: Chapter One.
Cross about Crossbows [30-May-05] Ideas for improvement.
Review 4a [23-May-05] Book of Erotic Fantasy: Initial thoughts.
Faster! Faster! [25-Apr-05] Maximizing your speed.
Sex by the Book [18-Apr-05] Part 6 of Sex in D&D.
Sex Rules! [11-Apr-05] Part 3 of Sex in D&D.
Itemsmith [4-Apr-05] Making the most of item creation feats.
Whipped [28-Mar-05] The strange ranged melee weapon.
Conjure 1 [21-Mar-05] Summoning for Dummies.
Metamagic 1 [14-Mar-05] Empower vs. maximize.
The Mentalist [7-Mar-05] Brain power for games that shun psionics.
The Arcane Tank 4 [28-Feb-05] Magic items for tanks.
The Arcane Tank 3 [21-Feb-05] Some tactics.
The Arcane Tank 2 [14-Feb-05] Stats, classes, items, etc.
wizard in armorThe Arcane Tank 1 [7-Feb-05] Spells to cast in armor.
The Arcane Rogue 3 [31-Jan-05] Spells and skills.
The Arcane Rogue 2 [24-Jan-05] Sneak attacks.
The Arcane Rogue 1 [17-Jan-05] Familiars.
Two-Weapon Fighting [10-Jan-05] New options under 3.5.
The Fighting Druid 3 [3-Jan-05] Wildshape strategies.
The Fighting Druid 2 [27-Dec-04] Missile strategies.
The Fighting Druid 1 [20-Dec-04] Melee strategies.
The Olde Tyme Bard [13-Dec-04] The very first prestige class ever.
The Fighting Bard [6-Dec-04] Fightin' and singin'.
The Multiclassed Bard [29-Nov-04] How to mix ... and not to!
The Bardic Caster 2 [22-Nov-04] Wizard vs. Bard.
The Bardic Caster 1 [17-Nov-04] Selecting spells.

Wemic Screeds
Liontaurs in a Book of Hours [24 Dec 16] More liontaurs and sagittaries in a medieval prayer book.
medieval sagittary25 Illuminated Sagittaries [25-Sep-16] With many thanks to the Morgan Library in New York
Several Sacred Sagittaries [30 Aug 16] Lions, lion-people, and true sagittaries in a medieval prayer book.
Wemic Art in Doll Form [8 Aug 16] Beautiful posable liontaur creations!
Stammheim Missal [29 Jun 16] A wemic peeks out of an illuminated manuscript
Chasing Urmahlullu [19 May 16] New music with a liontaur beat
Jack Chalker's Wemics [9 May 16] Gekir in the Well World
Wemics in The Epic Of Gilgamesh [26 Apr 16] Myths collide in Ancient Assyria.
Lion-ManeBest Comics Villain Ever! [20-Apr-16] There's a wemic bad guy in the DC universe named, I kid you not, "Lion-Mane."
A Tauric Creature of Ancient Assyria [28 Dec 15] Centaur or urmahlullu? You be the judge.
The Fantastical and Feminist Art of Gogi Saroj Pal [14 Nov 15] A contemporary artist uses hybrid beasts to explore issues of religion and feminism in India.
Spaceman Wemic [2 Oct 15] In 1959, a Harvard prof speculated that if we ever meet aliens, odds are they will be taurs.
sagittary tailThe Tail of the Sagittary [24-May-15] Two antique liontaurs and their fancy floral fleur-de-lis tails.
Wemic Brand Baby Food [12 Apr 15] Organic rice "insensitive" has 0 pesticide residues for your little one.
The "Wemic" of 1574 [26 Mar 15] The definition has evolved over time, it seems.
Best. Drolleries. Ever. [29 Nov 14] Two true wemics in illuminated manuscripts.
Medieval Sagittaries [21 Nov 14] Three more examples from the Middle Ages.
The Dreadful Sagittary [17-Oct-14] The wemic who fought at Troy.
Gules, Three Sagittary In Pale Or [10-Oct-14] King Stephen's Sagittaries.
Nestle Lion BarLion Bar [14-Jul-14] The favorite snack-time treat of wemics everywhere.
Lord Narasimha [15-May-14] A Hindu god who is not a wemic.
A Wemic in the Mainstream [26-Jan-14] Hathos alert! Hathos alert!
More Medieval Lion Hybrids [19-Dec-13] On the trail of drolleries and grotesqueries.
The Lion Centaur of 1846 [17-Dec-13] Note well: An instrumental part of liontaur Americana.
Lions and Taurs at The Cloisters [1-Dec-13] Being thankful for medieval art.
The Most Disturbing Cat-Centaur Picture Ever [20-Aug-13] Also, the only cat-centaur photo ever.
Daddy's Little WemicThe Most Wonderful Wemic In The World [11-Jun-13] Not that I'm biased or anything, of course.
An Ancient Lion-Man [15-May-13] Carvings of lion-people and lions in prehistory.
Lamia [13-Apr-13] The origins and evolution of a wemic-like creature.
Liontaur Alternate Racial Abilities [12-Oct-11] Inspired by the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide.
Best toy ever! [18-Aug-09] Liontaur art by Huck Gee.
She's Got Legs! [6-May-09] Taur topics, including minotaur and liontaur costumes.
ZeollZeoll [15-Feb-08] My bard / druid / seer wemic PC and the idea of having several strategies from which to choose.
Live Action Wemics [20-Apr-07] An interview with two wemic LARPers.
Feline Music [1-Mar-07] in the latest album from Walker Kong.
Ducktaur! [21-Feb-07] If it walks with four legs and has arms -- or wings -- it's a Taur!
Liontaur Subraces [17-Jan-07] Liontaurs in mountains, savannah, and tundra.
Felines beyond Wemics [12-Jan-07] A look at other cat-kin in D&D, and which ones make the grade.
Just My Type [9-Jan-07] Classifying wemics and liontaurs as humanoids, monstrous humanoids, or both.
The Cat-Centaurs of Dragaera [26-Dec-06] Wemics in the fiction of Steven Brust.
SummerKin 2 [5-Sep-06] A prestige class for the LightBrothers of the SummerKin.
SummerKin 1 [2-Sep-06] A cult of wemics and humans who worship the sun.
Origins 5 [9-Feb-06] The wemic on King Stephen's coat of arms.
Bible Reading [20-Jan-06] A lion-man in the Bible.
Origins 4 [29-Nov-05] A hint of wemics in ancient Greek mythology.
Collecting [16-Nov-05] Bottle caps and wemic links.
Wemic Wear [21-Oct-05] Magic items for liontaurs.
Wemics on the Web [15-Jul-05] Links and more links.
Wemics with Class [30-Jun-05] Favored classes for wemics.
Review 6 [17-Jun-05] Pride of Place, by Jason.
David C. Sutherland III [9-Jun-05] Lion's heart, artist's hands. RIP.
Ancient UrmahlulluOrigins 3 [3-Jun-05] A medieval wemic!
Review 5 [27-May-05] The Magehound by Elaine Cunningham.
Violet [20-May-05] Indulging the blogger's paternal pride.
Teaser [22-Apr-05] Previewing a review.
Chakats [15-Apr-05] Part 5 of Sex in D&D.
Pride in Sex [8-Apr-05] Part 2 of Sex in D&D.
Review 3 [1-Apr-05] A review of a 2E wemic bard.
The Bardtaur [25-Mar-05] Roles bards play.
The Druidtaur [18-Mar-05] Liontaur as a fighting druid.
The Liontaur [11-Mar-05] Designed as a one-hit-die player race.
Guest Blogger [4-Mar-05] With thanks to Nexx!
Beastly Wemics [25-Feb-05] Reader feedback (part three).
GNS Wemics [19-Feb-05] Reader feedback (part two).
Questions [11-Feb-05] Reader feedback (part one).
Review 1b [4-Feb-05] Wemic Camp (part two).
Review 1a [28-Jan-05] Wemic Camp (part one).
Liontaurs vs. Wemics [21-Jan-05] What's in a name?
The Father of Modern Wemics [14-Jan-05] David C. Sutherland III.
Liontaur Lingo [7-Jan-05] Feline accents and languages.
Wemics in Neverwinter Nights [31-Dec-04] With a screen grab!
Happy Holidays! [24-Dec-04] With grateful thanks to Bernard Doove.
Wemic Origins 2 [17-Dec-04] With photos!
Sized Up [10-Dec-04] Game balance issues for large PCs.
Just in Size [3-Dec-04] Thoughts on height, weight, age.
Wemic Origins 1 [24-Nov-04] Lion-centaurs in ancient Assyrian art.
Two Legs Good! [15-Nov-04] The Lionet: a two-legged leonine PC race.

Cayzle's Splat Books
The finest little "Cheap As Free" RPG PDFs for your downloading pleasure.

Other Screeds
Real Life Secret Doors [15-Nov-16] Make a perception check to see your D&D fantasy come true.
A losing position in KielDiplomacy Nightmare [26-Jul-16] A board game position in which you do NOT want to find yourself.
In Search Of Diplomacy [16-May-16] Turning "Find" in your browser window into the world's most primitive search engine for board game articles.
What Harry Potter Character is Hillary Clinton? [2-Jan-16] You know, if she took one of those ubiquitous Facebook quizzes.
A Natural 20 On A Diplomacy Check [12-Nov-15] How To Make Friends And Influence People By Passing Notes.
Artists and Twitter [21-Apr-15] Especially the delightfully named Kat Nicholson.
Rockin' Robin [5-Jan-15] Tweet! Twittery tweet!
D&D Next Is Looking Closed! [30-May-14] And Ryan Dancey would be turning over in his grave, if he were dead.
A Centaur From TitanDavid A. Trampier, 1954-2014 [31-Mar-14] A Titan dies, but his game goes on.
An advertisement for the Wold [17-Feb-14] Take a peek at a high-res ad for a PBM gaming zine.
Tips for running a long-term PbP D&D game [15-Feb-14] Part Three of a series ... LINKS!
Tips for running a long-term PbP D&D game [1-Feb-14] Part Two of a series.
Tips for running a long-term PbP D&D game [24-Jan-14] Part One of a series.
Open and shut case [25-Jun-09] Wizards of the Coast in turtle mode, DDO in rabbit mode.
ChangeResolving to make improvements [6-Nov-08] Restart button.
Tilting at Windmills [15-May-08] Working to get my 3.75E ideas in play at Paizo.
Reformed Assassins [30-Oct-07] and Invoking Rule Zero.
Fun Clicks [9-Oct-07] Links of divers shapes and sizes.
Analysis of a Fighter-oriented PrC [23-May-07] Plus the Wing Brother prestige class.
Odds & Ends [15-May-07] Things to do, reader feedback, coming attractions.
Review 8: Dragon's Whisper [5-Apr-07] A free PDF game world magazine.
Tell All [2-Feb-07] How to make combat more fun.
Charge It! [25-Jan-07] Maximizing mounted mayhem.
Break! [1-Dec-06] Thoughts on a new Break skill.
Review 7: Divine Rogues [26-Sep-06] Of the Shadowbane Stalker PrC, with improvements.
The Wold [14-Sep-06] Needs new players!
Mystic Theurge [11-Sep-06] Going both ways.
Design Contest [7-Sep-06] Comments on entries in a summer-theme design contest.
In Their Tiny Hands [24-Jun-06] What other gamers think of Shrink Item.
Bec De CorbinBec De Corbin [20-May-06] Names for characters, nostalgia, and a 1E D&D reach weapon for 3.5E.
Prisoner Dilemma [23-Apr-06] What can good PCs do with captured bad guys?
Resurrection [16-Apr-06] Breathing life into the blog and into your dead PCs.
D&D in the News [7-Feb-06] Negative (and positive) representations of gamers in the media.
Torture [16-Oct-05] in role play games.
Stross's Law [5-Sep-05] Applications and exceptions.
Sweet Sleep [21-Aug-05] Weapon and way of life.
The Violet [12-Jul-05] That ate my blog!
Scent [23-Jun-05] A keener nose in your future?
Gaming Links A-Plenty [13-Jun-05] Organized and noted.
Sex at the Core [1-Jun-05] A new Core Story for the Book of Erotic Fantasy.
Two Blogs [25-May-05] Both recommended.
D&D in the News [27-Apr-05] Good news, bad news.
Dirty Talk [20-Apr-05] Part 7 of Sex in D&D.
Cross-Gender Play [13-Apr-05] Part 4 of Sex in D&D.
The Romance in RPGs [6-Apr-05] Part 1 of Sex in D&D.
Lame 2 [30-Mar-05] Another missed post.
Review 2 [23-Mar-05] Swords into Plowshares.
Lame 1 [16-Mar-05] Missed post.
Diplomessy [9-Mar-05] Problematic social interaction skills.
Grappling with the Web [2-Mar-05] Some relevant links.
Game Talk [23-Feb-05] RPG message boards.
RPG Game Theory [16-Feb-05] The Three-Fold Model.
"A Bigger Dork" [9-Feb-05] Society, Politics, and D&D.
Quizzes [2-Feb-05] D&D Web toys.
Play Nice [26-Jan-05] Game etiquette.
Lego WemicRandom RPG Tools [19-Jan-05] Map generators, NPC creators, dice rollers, more.
Blogging manifesto [12-Jan-05] Links to other blogs; thoughts on my own.
Fantastic Words [5-Jan-05] Languages and names.
Two Play-By-Post Voices [29-Dec-04] from The Wold and Tazlure.
Online RPGs [22-Dec-04] Kinds and links.
More Comics [15-Dec-04] Some of the stuff I missed the first time around.
Sonnets [8-Dec-04] Getting the rhythm right with your new rule.
Re-Charge It! [1-Dec-04] Plus the Wandslinger.
Great Minds Think Alike [26-Nov-04] Monte and me, that is!
RPG Web Comics [19-Nov-04] A round up.

Grace, of Cat's Grace

Cat's Grace
A fumetti-style webcomic about a liontaur in a Dungeons and Dragons universe.
About | Cast | Extras

Cat's Grace is divided into chapters, called "modules." Each module has plot strips that tell the main story and extra holiday strips, in purple. The links below are in reverse chronological order, so go to the bottom to start at the beginning!

Module 6 - Dreams and Adventure
6.10 More Grace'oween [16-Nov-09] The most sincere pumpkin patch.
6.9 Grace'oween [31 Oct-09] I got a rock.
6.8 Grand illusions [24-Aug-09] Scary and believable.
6.7 All roads lead to illusions [17-Aug-09] A new chamber, in which all is not as it seems.
6.6 Caldecott Oscar Winner [13-Jul-09] The performance of a lifetime.
6.5 This land was made for you and me [4-Jul-09] And for a bunch of magical fantasy creatures.
6.4 And it was frightened and called them the most wild things of all [30-Jun-09] I'll eat you up!
6.3 In and out of weeks and almost over half a year. [22-Jun-09] Our story resumes with some wild things afoot.
6.2 For the rest of us! [23-Dec-08] Visions of sugarplums.
6.1 Shaking the spear [15-Dec-08] Resting is easier said than done on a hard dungeon floor.

Module 5 - The House of Eyes and Flowers, Part Two
5.10 Cast [9-Dec-08] Gustav asks you to pay attention.
5.9 Trolls [24-Nov-08] Mark engages in some foolery.
5.8 More flaming [17-Nov-08] Ray aims to settle the matter.
5.7 What She Said [10-Nov-08] Grace speaks out of turn.
5.6 Flame war [10-Aug-08] How to defeat a "Creature of the Net."
5.5 Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin [9-Jul-08] That Violet Blue Thing.
5.4 Save vs rickroll [22-Jun-08] Dr. O clicks on a link.
5.3 Who says Scrying is not a skill? [22-May-08] The power of having lots of friends on the Web.
5.2 Teh Intertubes [18-May-08] Dr. O is well connected.
5.1 Meet Boing Boing and Dr. O [7-May-08] In which the point of view shifts to our new recurring villains.

Module 4 - The House of Eyes and Flowers, Part One
4.10 A Light, A LARP, A Lark, A Larm [22-Apr-08] Prester sheds light on matters, and the party steps forward -- into a trap.
4.9 Joke's on you [10-Apr-08] Prester is not amused.
4.8 Riddles in the Dark [3-Apr-08] Or more accurately, "Annoying Jokes in the Dark."
4.7 Now, in Glorious Darkvision! [28-Mar-08] My kingdom for a light source!
4.6 Say! In the dark? Here in the dark! [19-Mar-08] Would you, could you, in the dark?
4.5 North is at the Top [12-Mar-08] The party's first dungeon challenge -- the 30x30 room.
4.4 Thank you, Gary Gygax! [5-Mar-08] May the continual light shine upon him.
4.3 Magic Mouth [27-Feb-08] In 25 words or less.
4.2 Pony Ante [21-Feb-08] Gustav gets to ride his pony into the dungeon.
4.1 The Sun-Door [11-Feb-08] Grace gets the party in by kissing up.

Module 3 - To Town and to Dungeon
3.14 Like a lamb to the slaughter [4-Feb-2008] Follow that lamb chop!
3.13 The Laws of Encounter Probability [1-Feb-2008] How many encounters will a party have on the way to a dungeon? Let's find out. One.
3.12 Mooned [15-Jan-2008] Grace learns what it means to become a cleric.
3.11 The House of Eyes and Flowers [6-Jan-2008] News of a dungeon at last!
3.10 Merry Gracemas [26 Dec 07] He'll Go Down In History!
3.9 Putting the RP in RPG [17-Dec-07] The cat hams it up.
3.8 Hooked! [10-Dec-07] You say you seek Adventure!?!
3.7 Loot in hand [3-Dec-07] Too handy to sell.
3.6 Introductions, Part 2 [27-Nov-07] Meet The Cast.
3.5 Thanks [22-Nov-07] Happy Turkey Day!
3.4 Introductions, Part 1 [21-Nov-07] Relaxing in a tavern, party members get to know each other better.
3.3 Exercise in Bickering [11-Nov-07] As the party approaches town together as a team for the first time, the boys begin to bicker
3.2 Finally Five [6-Nov-07] Back at the Keep, Ray feels fed up with foolery and fun.
3.1 Grace'oween [31-Oct-07] A Scarrrrry Story ... that's true!

Module 2 - The Rescue
2.17 The Gang's All Here [18-Oct-07] And the house is on fire!
2.16 Ready, Set ... [22-Oct-07] Going into battle
2.15 Inspired [18-Oct-07] A poem, a plan, a canal, Pameop! 2.14 Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' [14-Oct-07] Dancin' to the jailhouse roll.
2.13 A Rescue for Ecclesiastes [8-Oct-07] Time for a lucky break -- jailbreak, that is.
2.12 What Would Gandalf Do? [1-Oct-07] Mark channels his inner istari.
2.11 Encounter Distance [27-Sep-07] ... but not so close that he can be spotted!
2.10 Untrained Hide Check [24-Sep-07] Mark "sneaks" up ...
2.9 Drawing a Map [10-Sep-07] Grace sketches out the rescue plan.
2.8 Need a Cleric [3-Sep-07] The spiritual advisor says add a level of cleric.
2.7 Prester and the Plan [29-Aug-07] Grace asks her spiritual advisor for advice before the rescue.
2.6 All's Fair in Fog of War [13-Aug-07] The perfect diversion.
2.5 Planning [8-Aug-07] Escape or rescue? Both are in the works.
2.4 Think for Yourself [30-Jul-07] Ray meets a revolutionary.
2.3 Bear for Breakfast [16-Jul-07] Ray finds that there are some things worse than starving.
2.2 A Place to Rest [9-Jul-07] Mark's fatigue inspires Grace to call for a halt.
2.1 Disappointed after Dark [2-Jul-07] In which our heros "rush" to the rescue, and the prisoner is unhappy with his dinner.

Module 1 - Power to the Peeps!
1.17 Orders [25-Jun-07] The party learns more about Ray's dilemma.
1.16 Starving Ray [20-Jun-07] In which we meet Hope's brother for the first time.
1.15 Dammit, Jim! [18-Jun-07] Cleric? Hope not!
1.14 You Bet Your Life [11-Jun-07] Grace fights a true Marxist.
1.13 Critical Condition [4-Jun-07] Hope says a prayer and hits hard.
1.12 Spray It, Don't Say It! [29-May-07] Mark teaches two so-called "experts" some manners.
1.11 Move Actions [21-May-07] Hope draws her weapon and stands up -- and that's all!
1.10 Surprise [21-May-07] Grace and friends are startled to be surprised.
1.9 Expert Ambush [14-May-07] Wandering minions of the Eastern Bunny sneak up on our heroes.
1.8 Stepping Out [7-May-07] Hope's brother is missing, but a clue is found.
1.7 Animal Companion [30-Apr-07] The second smartest member of Grace's party.
1.6 Cantrip! [23-Apr-07] Is Prester real? Is Grace nuts? Both?
1.5 Friends Like These [16-Apr-07] Grace asks Prester for advice.
1.4 Dawdlers [12-Apr-07] Harnessing the power of the random roll.
1.3 Dump Stat [9-Apr-07] Grace discovers that her new friends are not exactly swift.
1.2 The Aristocrats! [6-Apr-07] The fifth Non-PC Class picks show business over the Glorious Peeple's Revolution.
1.1 Mark and the Eastern Bunny [2-Apr-07] We meet a new comrade in arms. Many comrades, actually.

Module 0 - Character Creation
0.13 Inn to Adventure [26-Mar-07] Starting out.
0.12 Getting the Party Started [19-Mar-07] Grace is invited to join a party.
0.11 Starting Package [12-Mar-07] Grace makes a buck and makes a friend.
0.10 Aura of Courage [5-Mar-07] Grace learns that you don't need a class ability to be brave.
0.9 Gold & Gear [26-Feb-07] Good news about starting equipment.
0.8 Iron Rats [19-Feb-07] Free room and board for new adventurers!
0.7 Illiterate [12-Feb-07] Grace explains why liontaurs resist newfangled arts, like writing.
0.6 Sheet [5-Feb-07] Grace proves that she is quite a character.
0.5 Listen Check [29-Jan-07] Grace hears herself talking out loud, then hears a welcome from afar.
0.4 Duration: 1 hour [22-Jan-07] Prester's time is up.
0.3 +1 on Jump Checks [15-Jan-07] Grace channels her inner Neo to make a leap of faith.
0.2 Character Background [8-Jan-07] Grace learns that she is not actually adventuring, yet.
0.1 Name [1-Jan-07] In which we are introduced to our hero.

Robot Heaven
A sprite-based webcomic of bad jokes, puns, and limericks. Powered by Homestar Runner's "Make Your Own Stinko" comic engine! Thanks, Brothers Chaps!

Robot Heaven

Robot Heaven 064 [13-Dec-16] That's for Glen! And Maggie!
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Robot Heaven 062 [9-Nov-16] ElectShun ReLeaf
Robot Heaven 061 [26-Oct-16] Actually Playing The Trump Card
Robot Heaven 060 [19-Aug-16] Borg Mantra: Ohm Mani Padme Hum
Robot Heaven 059 [10-Aug-16]
I <3 My Jack Russell Terrier
Robot Heaven 058 [14-Jul-16] Liberté, égalité, roboticité!
Robot Heaven 057 [14-Apr-16] She's not Nobody!
Robot Heaven 056 [30-Jan-16] "So now back to my den I am bound!"
Robot Heaven 055 [18-Dec-15] Noël Coward
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Robot Heaven 053 [13-Sep-15] Going Off Script
Robot Heaven 052 [10-Sep-15] Maybe He'll Give Us A Prize
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Robot Heaven 050 [19-Jan-15] Something For Everyone
Robot Heaven 049 [07-Jan-15] A Runcible Offense
Robot Heaven 048 [13-Dec-14] Join The Chorus
Robot Heaven 047 [24-Nov-14] Greasing the Wheels of Justice
Robot Heaven 046 [21-Oct-14] Fun, Games, and More!
Robot Heaven 045 [05-Oct-14] Lead Zeppoli
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Robot Heaven 043 [28-Aug-14] Look On My Works!
Robot Heaven 042 [31-Jun-14] Miles To Go Before I Weep
Robot Heaven 041 [01-May-14] No Joy In Robot-Heaven-Ville
Robot Heaven 040 [26-Apr-14] Where Your Eyes Don't Go
Robot Heaven 039 [11-Apr-14] The Ancient, Marinated
Robot Heaven 038 [07-Mar-14] The Joy Of PBM
Robot Heaven 037 [22-Jan-14] Let's Just All Agree To Call It "Spinach."
Robot Heaven 036 [25-Dec-13] What's That Cloud Look Like?
Robot Heaven 035 [28-Oct-13] What the Dickens?!
Robot Heaven 034 [18-Jul-13] En Fuego!
Robot Heaven 033 [15-Jul-13] A Pun Too Far
Robot Heaven 032 [12-Apr-13] Permission On A Grassy Knoll
Robot Heaven 031 [29-Mar-13] Casual Good Friday
Robot Heaven 030 [16-Dec-08] Oh Xmas Tree Oh Xmas Tree
Robot Heaven 029 [09-Dec-08] Watering Can
Robot Heaven 028 [24-Nov-08] Mayors Eat Oates
Robot Heaven 027 [17-Nov-08] Cloudy Weather
Robot Heaven 026 [06-Nov-08] Rain Clouds
Robot Heaven 025 [10-Nov-08] Banana Plant
Robot Heaven 024 [22-May-08] Recycling Day
Robot Heaven 023 [09-May-08] Homestar Temple
Robot Heaven 022 [08-May-08] They Laughed At Me!
Robot Heaven 021 [04-May-08] Robot Hell No. Six
Robot Heaven 020 [22-Apr-08] Robot Hell No. Five
Robot Heaven 019 [03-Apr-08] Robot Hell No. Four
Robot Heaven 018 [28-Mar-08] Robot Hell No. Three
Robot Heaven 017 [18-Mar-08] Robot Hell No. Two
Robot Heaven 016 [13-Mar-08] Robot Hell No. One
Robot Heaven 015 [03-Mar-08] Escape To Hell
Robot Heaven 014 [27-Feb-08] A Robot Gets His Wings
Robot Heaven 013 [20-Feb-08] Demand For Euthanasia
Robot Heaven 012 [15-Feb-08] Robotozoan Valentine
Robot Heaven 011 [23-Jan-08] Lil' Brother
Robot Heaven 010 [03-Jan-08] The Old Man from Cape Cod
Robot Heaven 009 [23-Jan-08] Ms. Paint Strikes Again
Robot Heaven 008 [17-Dec-07] Three Bots Walk Into A Bar
Robot Heaven 007 [15-Nov-07] Who Broke The Gongolator?
Robot Heaven 006 [04-Dec-07] Knock Knock Joke
Robot Heaven 005 [27-Nov-07] Oh You Churubot! 23 Skidoo!
Robot Heaven 004 [21-Nov-07] Robotozoan Rampage
Robot Heaven 003 [16-Nov-07] BABY!
Robot Heaven 002 [16-Nov-07] MAMA!
Robot Heaven 001 [16-Nov-07] Liontaur? What Liontaur?!