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Key: Flashing ( ) = noteworthy. Green () = page primarily Wemic content. Red() = part of the page contains Wemic reference, possibly a very minor reference -- use your browser's find function to search for occurrences in the page.

A Wemic by V Shane.
Shane is a professional artist who granted me permission to host a black and white preliminary sketch and a final color version of art he made that includes a wemic.

Wemics by Steve Elmore.
I loved this black and white sketch of two Wemics attacking a dragon when I first saw it, and I've followed it from its original URL to Elfwood to dead links, but now I host it myself, with permission.

Three medieval wemics, including one from "Scenes from The Story of the Trojan War: The Battle with the Sagittary" by Pasquier Grenier of Tournai, 1470-1490.
This medieval tapestry of a scene from the Illiad featuring a "sagittary," that is, a wemic or maybe a centaur.

Several Liontaurs by Erica Walker.
Three lovely liontaurs by a talented artist: Haldor, Aeghas, and Soren.

The Home of Windy Chang by Dave Alway.
Tons of fine drawings accompany this story site detailing the life of a Wemic-like person set in the modern day.

Montage by Diane.
An excellent photomontage of a female Wemic.

Wemic by Stephen.
Another excellent photomontage -- this time a close-up.

Centaurs - Felines by Lady Lithia (Sasheena Anne McLean).
A collection of nine wemic-like photomontages. Link raised from the dead by the Wayback Machine.

Merlyt by Tana McCarthy.
A wonderful color drawing of a female Wemic shaman in snow. Link raised from the dead by the Wayback Machine.

Quick Wemic by Robert Quick.
A black and white drawing of a female Wemic fighter with African-style shield.

Feline Taur Girl by chalosan.
A color anime-style drawing of a profile of a female liontaur wearing a red shirt.

Rebecca Kemp (main site and older archive) - Wemic and Rat Mage.
I have a special fondness for this black and white sketch of a wemic (and cat pal) fighting an anthropomorphic rat. The artist drew it in 1997, before my site was launched. Back in the day, when wemic art was scarce, it popped up in my web searches all the time.

Art by Marianne Settles hosted at The U.S. Anthropomorphic Image Archives of the Vixen Controlled Library.
A fierce Wemic warrior with spear and shield, in color (the actual art is here).

Wemic by Psycat.
A black and white drawing of a female wemic with a flaming sword. Dead links raised by the Wayback Machine.

Wemic by Diana Alfthan.
A nicely colored sketch of a female wemic hunter carrying a pole arm.

Wemic and Company in The Neutral Balance Campaign.
A wemic and his adventuring friends. An adventure history for this group can be found here.

A Cautious Looking Liontaur by Amy Pronovost.
A color drawing of a "furry" male Wemic.

lionesstaur by Lakota.
Here's a color drawing of an anthropomorphic lion and antelope taur. Search for "lionesstaur.jpg" on the second linked page for comments by the artist.

A wemic by Dark Natasha.
Here's a black and white sketch of a liontaur, titled Centaur lion big, hosted on my site.

Cleopatra by Drhoz.
Several sketches of a female Wemic fighter can be found here and here. This one has a quite unusual angle and pose. And here is a huge drawing of a wemic.

Cattaur Splashdown by Megan Giles.
A color sketch of a female Wemic leaping into water.

A Liontaur on Safari. by Robert Kirkpatrick.
A color illustration of a jungle wemic. And here is another by the same artist, a more beastial Wemic (search for wemic).

A couple liontaurs by Traci Vermeesch. Color sketches:
-- An evil sorceress: thumbnail and text | art
-- Lyintaur

liontaur.jpg by Tailrings.
A Wemic in black and white, preserved by the Wayback Machine.

Wemic Gaming Miniature.
Neat photos of a Wemic lead figurine from The Model Citizen Web site. Link saved by the Wayback Machine.

More Wemic Gaming Miniatures.
Unpainted Wemic lead figures from the Cyberdungeon online store site -- The link above is to a screen capture of the Cyberdungeom site, alas, now evidently defunct.

Tigrtaur by Rog Minotaur.
An orange and black tiger taur with beastial features.

Liontaur Kreesha by Moonscream.
A black and white sketch of a liontaur character from Quest For Glory 3.

Chakat Visions by Bernard Doove.
A huge site, with tons of art, devoted to Chakats, which are Wemic-like beings, but more hermaphroditic and more feline.

The Wotch by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson.
This is a funny online fantasy comic strip. In Episode 9, "Myths and Legends," the hero finds himself transformed into a centaur. It turns out that everyone around him is being transformed into fantastic beings, too. In this strip and in this one, people have been changed into wemics. Enjoy!

Art from Elfwood

This wonderful site, chock full of art and fiction, featured lots of wemic art. It closed in 2016. The links below are dead now, alas. Perhaps some day I'll find a way to track this art down.

Friends by Justin Chi Chan..
This color sketch of a centaur archer and a wemic spear-maiden, is nicely drawn.

Good Morning by Susan S. Duffey.
A black and white sketch of a sleepy Wemic just waking up. Nice pose and tone.

Wemic Huntress by Nancy Eckert.
A fierce-looking black and white sketch of a female wemic archer.

Umboto Wemic Fighter by Peter Andrews.
A black and white sketch of a Wemic fighter with two blades. I like that this wemic is more human-like from the waist up. Nice action pose.

Daridian & Gaston by Todd Richard Falk.
A very well executed black and white sketch of a wemic adventurer carrying a cute human on his back. Personally, I like my wemic faces more human than this.

Paladin of the Brotherhood of Saladin by Raymond W. Soderlund.
Another well done black and white sketch of a wemic adventurer -- a tigertaur, actually -- with beastial features.

A lion centaur by Elena Serrander.
A black and white sketch of a girl wemic.

Lakirim colored by Kim H. Mullen.
A color sketch of a ranger wemic in armor and carrying a crossbow.

The white tree by Nathalie Jean-Bart.
A color sketch of a female wemic in a desert walking under a tree.

Felina by Chrissy L. Neff.
A very beastial tigertaur.

Kat by Marcel Nystr�m.
A black and white sketch of a nude female wemic.

Centipede by S. Austvik.
A black and white Egyptian-style wemic.

Kalahara by Amy Rebecca Joy Hamilton.
A black and white sketch of a Wemic with wings.

Wemic Archer by Martin Knuth.
A black and white sketch of a plump wemic.

Wemic by Lisa Pantalone.
A black and white sketch of a female Wemic with a sword.

Wemic by Serena J. Loder.
A black and white sketch of a female Wemic with tattoos and a beastial look.

Lynx by Sindy 'Sin' Ribalsky.
An oddly proportioned color female nude wemic.

Cheetaur by Shaina (Jakkal) Pinkleton.
A black and white sketch of a stretching "Cheetah Taur".

'The Actress.' by Amy 'Taur'amandil' Simmonds.
A black and white female wemic with a mane of hair and sitting in an unusual pose.

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