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Key: Flashing ( ) = noteworthy. Green () = page primarily Wemic content. Red() = part of the page contains Wemic reference, possibly a very minor reference -- use your browser's find function to search for occurrences in the page.

The Journey Of A Wemic.
A character development thread for a wemic ranger in the "Layonara" game.

A Selection of Wemic Characters.
From Sylvain Robert's W4 mega-database of everything under the sun that relates to Dungeons and Dragons. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

Homepage of the WEMIC.
A complete site with (as yet largely unfulfilled) ambitions to host a lot of info. Currently includes two Wemic characters, Lars, a ranger by Leonard Savage, and Tanis (scroll down for an amusing character history).

Rill K'Tal by Jackson.
A multi-page character site with an extended adventure history and stats.

Da'erz Vizozo by SJ.
An interesting character description of a Wemic shamaness written as a multi-page second-person story.

Windchaser by Blair Giles.
A sixth level Wemic ranger with detailed stats and background. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

Ra goarr from Daya's Kender Sitters campaign.
A Wemic bard character. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

Taro, a Terra Dyne character.
Creative background description of a Wemic character. Here is a text version of Taro's PC sheet with game stats. Links saved by the Wayback Machine.

Kyra (sometimes known as 'the Red') by Jillian Ellen Bornak.
Sketch, character description, and story background.

Pulsarvadon by Stephen Nispel.
Description and stats for a Wemic Fighter. Link saved by the Wayback Machine.

Rascha of the Mystic Isles Campaign.
History and description of a Wemic monk. Link saved by the Wayback Machine.

Richard Marcel by Andy Waity.
A Wemic bard -- a 2nd edition Core Rules-generated character sheet -- and a drawing as well. Links saved by the Wayback Machine.

Rorg by Roelant Harmsen (Xahnar).
A very terse description of Rorg, a barkeep and retired adventurer. Campaign narratives that mention Rorg in his adventurer days can be found here and here. Link saved by the Wayback Machine.

Three Hands from Chance's ADnD Page.
A terse text description of a Wemic Warrior.

Majia Firemane by Phillip Webbin.
Background and sketch of a "Level three wemic slave and Spiritual Advisor." Link saved by the Wayback Machine.

A Wemic-like character, seemingly for a game system unfamiliar to me. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

Runt by Mac.
A human fighter who was raised by Wemics. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

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