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Wemics in Video Games

Quest for Glory III by Sierra Entertainment.
This computer game in the Quest for Glory series features Wemics (Liontaurs) with fair prominence. Sierra hosts a message board on the Quest For Glory games, and Fernando Roose has posted QGIII Art which includes some Liontaur images.

Wemic Version 1.0 by Eligio Sacateca & Ghostfactory.
A "hakpak" for computer game Neverwinter Nights that adds wemics to the game. This game patch is for NWN version 1.29 or lower. There is also a page with more detail.

CEP 2.0 Races Brownie/Wemic by Barry_1066 is an upgrade for CEP 2.0 of the original wemic option.

Avlis is a Neverwinter Nights game world that includes wemics.
Here is info on wemics in Avlis (Wayback Machine link).

RonChor is a character in a Neverwinter Nights game.

Ravenloft: Stone Prophet by Dreamforge and Mindscape/SSI, is a 1995 game based on 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons in which you can befriend a wemic and have him join your party. Here is a review and a walkthrough. Only the walkthrough mentions the wemic. This page gives the wemic a name, "Hrak Tur," and details his stats as a fifth level fighter.

Other Wemic Miscellany

Wemic from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
That's a link to the Wikipedia article on D&D wemics. There is also a passing mention of ancient Assyrian lion centaurs in the Mythological Hybrid article. And this excellent article, Centaur Variants, from the Mythology Wiki, was originally a Wikipedia article that got hacked down and deleted.

Skyhaven Sagittary Guide.
A page that describes lion-centaurs called Sagittaries, including origins, habitat, culture, temperment, and magical traits in an imaginary world of Skyhome. Includes artwork of Sagittaries that you can adopt.

Wemic from WikiFur.
An entry for "wemic" from another online wiki encyclopedia, this one with a furry theme. [Saved without art in the Wayback Machine.]

Tribute to the Wemic by Jon Littlerabbit.
A fun Web page in praise of wemics, including a campaign to end wemic slavery, fake poll results, cute art, and links, including one to myself! [Saved by the Wayback Machine.]

Wemic by Passport.
An essay on wemics on Everything2.

Homepage of the WEMIC.
A series of pages with character sheets and links.

Review by Robert Sullivan of a novel, The Magehound, by Elaine Cunningham.
A book review of a Forgotten Realms novel. The novel includes a Wemic as a secondary character. Don't miss Cunningham's own page on the book, not to mention my blogged review

Arms from Parker's Glossary: 5 This is a page of old coats of arms. One of them, King Stephen of England, features three wemics, called "sagittary." Search for "Stephen I" on the page to see it. Read more about it in this screed.

Wemic Creation by Digimonkey.
A speculative e-mail message someone sent me long ago with a story about how Wemics were created by the D&D folks. LOL! -- turns out to be pretty much 100 percent wrong! I tell the real story in these blog entries.

Wemicans by Waitingstar is a description, with art, of "the half blood offspring of an Elf and a Wemic." is a Web site for people who fantasize about tauric creatures -- be aware that this site is pretty adult, with lots of photomorphs.

The life of an infernal meow meow is a real-life blog located at Pretty much no wemic content, despite the enticing Web address.

Lion Info -- a selection of pages with interesting info on lions (but NOT wemics)

Lion (Panthera leo) by Lioncrusher.
An informative page that is user-friendly in tone and has lots of content.

African Lion by The Cat Specialist Group of The World Conservation Union.
A scientific site with excellent and comprehensive info.

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