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Key: Flashing ( ) = noteworthy. Green () = page primarily Wemic content. Red () = part of the page contains Wemic reference, possibly a very minor reference -- use your browser's find function to search for occurrences in the page.

Used to be that valuable wemic pages would get lost forever when Web sites went belly up. But now most of those can be brought back from the great server in the sky with the help of the The WayBack Machine! Hooray!

Wemics in Dungeons and Dragons

(4E general rules) Wemic 4e FR (PEACH) ^^ by Shadowsong666.
Fourth edition rules for playing a wemic as a player character. Includes "Racial Traits, 5 Heroic Feats, 3 Paragon Feats and 2 Epic Feats, and 2 Paragon Paths." Available as a PDF download here

(3E & 4E general rules) Race: Wemic 4E from the World of Azolin wiki.
Fourth edition rules for playing a wemic as a player character. Includes a "Roar of the Lionheart" Wemic Racial Power.
Race: Wemic 3E from the World of Azolin wiki.
Third edition rules for playing a wemic as a player character.

(4E general rules) Liontaur Hunter (4e Creature) on the D&D Wiki.
A set of Fourth Edition rules for wemics as monsters, not player characters.

(4E general rules) Player Race Wemic by aisteach sidhe.
Skimpy Fourth Edition rules for wemics as player characters.

(3.5E and PF general rules) Sagittary by David Fryer.
A good set of 3E rules for an OGL liontaur set in the Pathfinder game (also good for D&D 3.5).

(3E general rules) Wemic from the Geelong Roleplayers .
3E rules that cover a description of the race, traits, abilities, age, height, weight, and more.

(3E general rules) Leonine Centaurs - Auro'Tar by Chris Walker-Bush .
Another good set of 3E rules for a small form of wemic. The written prose is detailed, extensive, and firmly places this form of wemic in its campaign world.

(3.5E general rules) Wemic as an LA0 playable race - 3.5 on the GitP forums.
A message board discussion of making wemic rules as a zero-level-adjustment PC race.

(3E general rules) new races need constructive criticism 3E by Andy Baker and others.
A message board discussion on liontaurs in 3E, with stats.

(3E general rules) Quest for Glory d20 by Geschwind and others.
A WotC message board discussion on liontaurs in 3E, this time on making a d20 version of the QfG video game. Includes a set of 3E stats for liontaurs. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

(3E general rules) Wemic by Matthew Rees.
A set of rules for wemics in Third Edition D&D. Lost on the Web, saved by the WayBack Machine.

(3E general rules) "The Proud" is a wemic-like race in the Scarred Lands campaign setting. Here is a message board discussion listing 3E stats for the Proud. Here is a review with a very peripheral reference to the race. The forum is down now, but the WayBack Machine grabbed it!

(3E general rules) Les wemics
D&D version 3 rules for wemics in French! Saved by the Wayback Machine.

(3E minis general rules) War Drums Preview 3 - Cat Got Your Tongue?
WotC D&D Miniatures preview of a wemic mini with comments on capabilities and usage. Also mildly interesting from WotC: an article on hybrid monsters in D&D.

(3E specific rules) Ideas about wemics in battle by Lore.
A thoughtful essay on possible wemic fighting styles, with some D&D rules suggestions.

(3E specific rules) Armor of Nobianon by David L. Neff.
A set of magic armor designed to fit a wemic. Saved by the WayBack Machine.

(1E & 2E ideas for using wemics in games) Let's Read the 2E Monster Manual, a message board discussion at
Ideas on adventure plot lines, general comments on wemics.

(2E general rules) Liontaur Page by Sandy Xavier.
And another variant Wemic, called a Liontaur, redesigned as a monster and a player race from the ground up. Saved by the WayBack Machine.

(2E general rules) Wemics of the Plains by Hjorth.
Still more variant Wemic rules. Saved by the WayBack Machine.

(2E general rules) Wemic by Spike.
TWO sets of rules for Wemics, one designed for use with the Dungeons and Dragons Skills and Powers supplement.

(2E general rules) Character Race Descriptions - Wemic by Erik Trimble.
Variant Wemic rules for player characters, with notes on increasing carrying capacity, along with notes on Centaurs and Hybsil.

(2E specific rules) Character Height/Weight System for AD&D by Stephen Innis, Sinbad Sam, and Dave Klassen.
A modification of an article that ran in Dragon Magazine Issue 91 that gives height and weight tables for Wemics.

(specific rules) Re: Wemics by Alasdair Sinclair, Neutronium Dragon, and Dream Weaver.
A really interesting message board discussion on keeping the game balanced by requiring Wemics to use Compulsive Honesty and Alcohol Intolerance restrictions.

(specific rules) Any Suggestions? by Devlin, AW, and King Koop.
Another message board discussion on game balance, but with no solutions offered.

(2E specific rules) Wemics in the DRAGON DEATH ]|[ Campaign.
Interesting variant Racial XP Modifiers rules that eliminate level limits in exchange for xp penalties. Wemics are assigned a -10% penalty, the same as an elf or dwarf. The campaign also offers brief notes on Wemic Race Height, Weight, & Age and on Ability Scores Saved by the WayBack Machine.

(campaign) Wemic Camp by Wizards of the Coast.
This is an encounter with wemics in the Shaar of the Forgotten Realms. I reviewed it in this screed.

(campaign) Forgotten Realms Chronology in the Forgotten Realms Library.
There are two very small references to wemics in this history page. Search for "wemic" in your browser.

(campaign) Wemics in Greyhawk by Tina and Leland.
Greyhawk notes from an e-mail letter I received from these nice folks. For lots more great Greyhawk info, visit their site, Greyhawk, the Land of Oerth.

(campaign) Athasian Wemic in the FreeDoM Campaign.
Great ideas for wemics (and half-wemics) in a Dark Sun game. Also see these references to wemics and lamia.

(campaign) A Temporal Chronology of the Primes by Brian R. James.
A timeline with brief notes on the Genocide of Wemics in the Dark Sun world. Search for Wemic in your browser window.

(campaign) Places on Spike's Hammer by Spike.
A page with a few notes on wemics in a Spelljammer campaign.

(campaign) Li Po's Guide to the Beastlands by Li Po.
A very tiny but unique reference to Wemics in the D&D Outer Planes.

(campaign) The Old World by Panther.
A gaming world with a nation of Wemics called Tarna, a reference to the Quest for Glory III: Wages of War computer game.

(campaign) Fauna of Iryal by Scott J. Caldwell.
A few mentions of wemics in the Iryal campaign world. Search for "wemic" in your browser.

(adventure) The Games - Rraakkor vs. Sir Garamore, a Terra Dyne duel.
A fight between a Paladin and a Wemic Fighter - the Wemic wins, of course!

(monster variant) Dragon's Bestiary: Missing Links by Johnathan M. Richards.
This page lists the contents of Dragon Magazine 251, which evidently had an article about crossbreed monsters -- one such was a Wemic/Displacer Beast combo.

Wemics in Other Games

Race: Wemic in the Otherworld MUD.
Rules for playing a wemic in an online "multi-user dungeon" -- which evidently still survive on the Interwebs, despite their old age and text-based interface. Kind of like Cayzle's Wemic Site.

Wemics in the Adarian Campaign by Patyrsun.
A nice conversion of Wemics for GURPS, with some different thoughts on names, society, honor, twins, etc.

Wemic Race by Brandi Weed.
GURPS rules for Wemics, taken from a December 1997 mailing list digest currently stored in zip format at GURPSnet. There is also some brief Wemic info on GURPSnet to be found here (scroll to very bottom of page).

Wemic by the Compulsive Procrastinator.
More Wemics for GURPS, with a few interesting cultural notes. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

GreyQuest Campaign Files by Tal Meta.
An adaption of Greyhawk for RuneQuest, with a Wemic PC sheet in pdf format. Corrupted by a hacker as of 2 Jan 07, but the WayBack Machine has a good copy.

Hero Abilities Package - Tauric, Wemic by Mathew R. Ignash.
A version of wemics for Champions, a comic-book-style superhero game -- now gone from the Web but restored through the wonder of the Wayback Machine.

The Tainted by the Seattle Knights.
A brief description of a Wemic-like race called liontaurs, part of the Triad Game system (scroll down or search for "liontaur"). [27 Jan 14 - link on probation.]

Wemics in Maelstrom.
Bare-bones notes (but two photos are nifty) for playing wemics in a live-action role-play game, now concluded. Here is a blogger's post describing her Maelstrom character -- I interviewed her and another Maelstromer in this screed. And here is a photo of a Maelstrom LARPer in costume!

Leonines in the Dark and Shattered Lands.
An interesting race of felines called Leonines are in this MUD. The males (called Wemics) have four legs, while the females (called Felars) have two. Note the great art, too.

A page on wemics -- in Portugese or Spanish! Saved by the Wayback Machine.

Character Races in the Lands of Aethar.
A few interesting notes for wemics in a MUD. Saved by the Wayback Machine.

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