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Key: Flashing ( ) = noteworthy. Green () = page primarily Wemic content. Red() = part of the page contains Wemic reference, possibly a very minor reference -- use your browser's find function to search for occurrences in the page.

Hands Across the Sky by John R. Plunkett.
An excellent (but unfinished) SF short story about a human-wemic romance.

The Home of Windy Chang by Dave Alway.
A truly incredible site that details the life story of a Wemic-like person set in the modern day.

The Way of the Wemic by Shannon Farmer.
A good short story with Wemics as central characters, from Elfwood. (This story used to be on Elfwood, but it disappeared. This verison is from the Wayback Machine.)

Hunting Dangerous Game by Fabian Benavente.
A cautionary story about what happens to those foolish enough to hunt Wemics.

Pride of Place by Jason Lomeli.
An engaging campaign-style story about a party of adventurers who accidently trap a wemic.

Empathy by Jason Lomeli.
Another story by Jason about a human psionist raised by wemics.

URB by Carl R. Cascone.
Another well-written campaign adventure story featuring a good-hearted but none-too-swift Wemic.

Changes by Rory Johnson.
The first part of a coming of age story about four young wemics.
Background story of a MUD character.

Soulforge by Jason Godesky.
A downloadable story of a Wemic Paladin and his sword, inspired by the Quest for Glory PC game.

Lost and Found and Pilgrimage by Anima of FurryMUCK.
An odd science-fictiony story and its two-part sequal about Wemic-like creatures with truly amazing appetites. Here is Part Two of Pilgrimage. These stories were originally on, but those links broke; these now use the Wayback Machine.

Timelord and Rollik by Steven Cavanagh.
This chapter of an online collaborative story from includes an evil Wemic henchman named Halkathe who proves no match for the heros of the tale (alas).

Samurai Bariaur from the Tale of the Bariaur Web site.
A fragment of a story in which a Bariaur interacts with a Wemic barkeeper. Bariaur are like Wemics, but instead of half-man half-lion, they are half-man half-goat. And I really want to plug this site: Tale of the Bariaur, which does for Bariaur what I want to do for Wemics, only it does the job better! Impressive and Recommended! Dead links raised by the Wayback Machine.

Abysmal Realms MUD Wemic Page.
A brief and interesting story on the origination of the Wemic race, although the art doesn't look Wemic at all.

A Story of Two Liontaurs from the Wold.
A tale of a meeting of a city wemic and a country wemic.

Steel by Marcus Burk.
The history of a Dwarf who was raised by Wemics.

The Hand. No, not THAT hand... by Sir Tristan.
A funny story about a Wemic and the "Hand of Vecna"!

The Fantasy Alphabet by Joy Adele Dalton.
An alphabet poem from Elfwood, in which "W is for Wemic."

Forest Tales & Other Stories by Bernard Doove and others.
A large collection of stories about Chakats, which are hermaphroditic furry wemic-like creatures.

Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories -- Species Felitaur collected by Miavir.
A collection of stories about felitaurs, part of a larger collection of links to furry stories.

The god of the Dyrlings in a Private Ultima Online Shard for the World of Comraich.
Information and poetry about a lion centaur god in an online roleplay game.

The End of All Things by Michael Bard.
A story about two god-like beings, one in the shape of a lion-centaur, and the end of their world.

A 'Taur's Tail by Stephen Tigner.
An evil wizard's curse causes humans to merge with animals, making taurs. One girl becomes a cat-taur.

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