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Play-by-Post Links [14 Feb 14] An addendum to an article I wrote for a gaming zine.

In researching my article on play-by-post Dungeons and Dragons, I came across a number of interesting links. A few I included in the article. Here are a few notable ones that did not make the cut.

Here's a nine-year-old (gasp) article I wrote on PbP gaming that included interviews with two people running PbP sites.

A great video introduction to play-by-post RPGs -- Along with an plug for the DnD Online message board gaming community at RPG Crossing.

A comprehensive series of 20 articles on PbP gaming from Alisha Brock at the Knoxville RPG Examiner. She covers IC and OOC terminology, characters, scenery, writing posts, and more.

Here's an entry on Play By Post Games on the always distracting TV Tropes site.

A PbP thread on Reddit.

A blog post by Eric Martindale on the best play-by-post roleplaying sites.

Tim Harper's vlog on Play By Post RPGs Via Forums.

A Gaming Security Agency blog post on Tips and Tricks for PbP Gaming.

Here are a number of places to try PbP gaming:

This is part three of a three-part series on how to run a successful long-term PbP D&D game. Check out Part One and Part Two.

Parts One and Two of this series originally appeared in Issue #3 of a new gaming zine, "Suspense & Decision." Check it out! And I got a mention in this Greyhawk Grognard review of the zine.

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