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Liontaur Alternate Racial Abilities [12 Oct 11] Modeled after the ones in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide.

One of the more interesting options in the Pathfinder game's Advanced Player's Guide (APG) is the option to swap out existing rules and replace them with alternates. If the alternates are designed intelligently, this is a way to add flexibility and customization without compromising game balance.

One set of replacement abilities is the idea of Alternate Racial Abilities. That is, replace a stock racial ability with a new one. For example, the APG lets a dwarf character swap out his +2 on appraise skill checks for a +2 on craft or profession skill checks.

Well, wemics deserve alternate racial abilities too! My favored rule set for playing a wemic in Pathfinder is this Woldian liontaur that I helped develop for the Wold online campaign. If you use that one, or a similar one, here are some alternate racial abilites you might consider using too.

The first relates to the Wold campaign setting, where liontaurs roam an isolated island and are plagued by hell hounds:

Of Age: You have engaged in a liontaur Coming of Age testing. Choose one test and benefit from these three: (1) You lived for an entire season out in the wilds, living on mice and rabbits, wild herbs, and fresh water you found on your own. You gain a +2 racial bonus on Survival checks. (2) You lived for a season on bigger and more dangerous game, like wild sheep, deer, and rattlesnakes. You gain a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks made in natural environments. (3) You braved the flaming breath of a hell hound and defeated it in single combat. You gain a +1 racial bonus on saving throws vs fear and fire. This ability replaces the "Sneaky" racial ability.
The next one harkens back to earlier editions of the game, when wemics specifically could not read:
Illiterate: You cannot read. You may not make use any written materials, such as tomes, spell books, and scrolls. You fail any Linguistics checks that rely on reading and writing. However, you have a good head for spoken languages and a commanding voice. You learn two languages for each rank you place in Linguistics, and the save DCs against your language dependent effects is increased by one. This ability replaces the "Dyslexic" racial ability.
One for the more civilized liontaurs who ply the seas of the Wold as merchants:
Trading Clan: You are a member of one of the great liontaur trading clans of Chessford on Liontaur Island. You gain a +2 racial bonus on Profession (Sailor) and Profession (Merchant) checks. This ability replaces the "Sneaky" and "Waterphobic" racial abilities.
And this one is good for any liontaur:
Scent: Some liontaurs are not natural wrestlers, preferring careful stalking and hunting rather than ripping and shredding. You gain the Scent ability. This ability replaces the "Rake" ability.

This screed was posted here on 22 May 2013, but it was mostly written as a message board post on 12 Oct 2011.

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