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A Wemic in the Mainstream [26 Jan 14] Hathos Alert! Hathos Alert!

First of all, I have to ashamedly admit I was browsing the "College Humor" site, even though my college days are more than half a lifetime away from me now. And I stumbled on the worst bit of furry bashing I've ever seen. I'm not a furry-inclined person myself, but it is a part of the hobby, and there are certainly taur and wemic fans among furry folk, so live and let live, I always say. Which is to explain why part of me feels guilty about posting this video I found on, since it is really insulting and puerile, under the guise of "har-de-har, just teasing, cantcha take a joke, come on, it's funny."

On Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog, he often posts cringeworthy stuff that he labels "Hathos Alert." By his definition, a hathos alert is "for moments when you want to look away but cannot. Hathos is the attraction to something you really can't stand; it's the compulsion of revulsion." Well, for me, this video is the living embodiment of hathos. And ... it features a wemic!

Here's the wemic from the video:

a furry wemic in a humor video

Here is a link to the video, and here is the embed of the video itself. Fair warning, it's not safe for work, in a animated soft porn kind of way. Let the watcher beware!

25 June 2020 Update: Well, in the years since I first wrote this screed, College Humor seems to have abandoned the World Wide Web in order to exist only on YouTube. (Way to suture your fortunes to Alphabet, media brand. We'll see how that works out for ya!) Anyway, not only does this furry cartoon still live online, but it has two sequels. Here are the three of them, and a bonus video of commentary from a furry point of view:

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