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Old Screeds

Lion Bar [14 Jul 14] The favorite snack-time treat of wemics everywhere.

Nearby my town, there is a gourmet grocery store that does not condescend to put the same candy in the check-out lane that you find at everyday, common grocery stores. Instead, this particular store tempts the children of the bourgeoisie with imported English candy bars!

But I cannot be too critical of this clever marketing ploy, because it led to my discovery of the Nestle Lion Bar!

Granted, there's no wemic angle on this, other than natural lion-associated goodness, but I liked it. And so do many others! You can check out this Wikipedia page for the confection, read food-blogger reviews and comments, and, of course, buy Lion Bars on Amazon.

Here's a pic I snapped of a Lion Bar that I bought, And to prove that I took this photo myself (and to add marginal wemic content), I posed a barbarian wemic mini next to it. (Click to embiggen.)

Nestle Lion Bar and a Wemic

July 16 Update: Since this is a post about lions, rather than wemics, it seems like the place to post this video of a "lion whisperer" ...

July 19 Update: Lion Bars are delicious!

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