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Wemic Brand Baby Food. [12 Apr 15] Organic rice "insensitive" has 0 pesticide residues for your little one

I don't know why I should be surprised to discover this, because it is a natural best selling product! Yes, wemic brand baby food! No, no joke ... evidently someone in China has created wemic brand baby food. Here's a Web page. Take a look at the actual logo at the left.

I asked Doctor Google to help me translate a few pages, and this one had the most info. According to the computer translation, "Tianjin Babe Pak Dairy Sales Co., Ltd. specializes in providing the best group to maternal and child health nutrition food supplement, care, special education toys, development, production, sales of large enterprises." This page is less informative but much more beautiful! So yes, some clever entrepreneur in China has decided to market organic rice baby food under the "wemic" moniker.

There's also wemic brand walnut black sesame grinding rod, which is maybe for teething babies? Alas, I just can't explain the wemic brand seaweed flavor charcoal burning stick.

I also found this graphic, with cartoon cutie mascots. Take a look:

Now, I admit that my Chinese language proficiency is pretty rusty, but if my own translation skills are even a little on target, the text above reads, "Don't cry, mama! For lion strength and human cleverness, treat your baby to wemic-brand organic rice cereal. It will make leaves grow out of your child's head or your money back, guaranteed!"

Update 22 April 2015: According to the enthusiastic and helpful @Alysterwolf on Twitter, the word "wemic" kind of sounds like "Wi-mee-tsih" ... which sort of translates as "delicious rice product that you kids eat with nice sounds" ... but it is not a real Chinese word.

Well, as for me, all my wemic characters are going to start buying and giving away lip-smackingly delicious rice products!

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