Labyrinths & Liontaurs



Second only to class, race is a way to let you add detail, depth, and flavor to your character. Based on the mythology of legend, fiction, or even other games, your character can be a typical member of your race, or one who does not fit easy categorization. Use the general rules on this page for all races, and then click the links below for details on each race.

Monsters and People

Creatures are divided into two groupings in Labyrinths & Liontaurs. People are creatures who can use the Universal System to gain levels and grow in power, a blessing granted them by the gods. Monsters are all the other creatures, those who cannot gain levels. People come in different varieties, called races. All the races listed on this page are people. And by the way, the singular of people is person.

General Rules

Your choice of race determines a number of bonuses and strengths in core areas. Specifically:

As you gain levels, once per tier, you gain your choice of a racial power. You gain these at character levels 3, 8, 13, and 18. At levels 8, 13, and 18, you may choose a racial power of a lower tier, if you prefer.

Specific Rules

Dwarves - These doughty folk were made to resist domination and to excel in harsh conditions.

Elves - An ancient people, elves are reknowned as loremasters and lovers of woods.

Gnomes - Gnomes are descendants of natural spirits who were inspired by mortals to live in the world.

Halflings - A small and industrious people of herds and crofts, halflings have hidden reserves of common sense and resolve.

Half-Elves - With ancestors of both human and elvish kind, these fair people embody some of the best characteristics of both races.

Half-Orcs - Descendants of humans and the extinct race of orcs, some half-orcs have forged a unique place in human society, while others reject it.

Humans - The youngest, fastest growing, and most versatile of humanoid races, humans may well come to dominate all.

Liontaurs - A nomadic people of the steppes and savannas, these hunters embrace tradition and a code of honor.

Unless otherwise specified, all bonuses to rolls listed on this page and on the pages for each race are racial bonuses. Note that racial bonuses do not stack; if more than one applies, use the larger.