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As an honorblade, you represent the pinnacle of elegance in swordplay, courtesy, grace, and wit. You and your fellows are unmatched fencers. lungers, and leapers, parrying blows and returning effective cuts and thrusts. As quick to riposte with words as with weapons, you are sure of foot navigating treacherous terrains, perilous palaces, and secretive salons. You are protective of your personal reputation and honor, responding to slights from lessers with contempt, and from equals and betters with a challenge for satisfaction.

You respect the ideals of noblity, and if you are not gentleborn, you aspire to high station through your own deeds and merit. You are comfortable in the company of the common folk and the aristocracy, treating both with civility and politesse. Respect for authorty and respect for one's opponents are honorblade characteristics that tend to push most towards lawful and good alignments. One might encounter a chaotic good or a lawful evil honorblade, but almost never a chaotic evil one.

Role: Honorblades are flexible and fast to respond to conflict, so as such, you are quick to support your friends and engage your foes, flowing in and around friends and enemies alike with grace. Ouside combat, your civility and honor may make you the face of your party, interacting with others in such a way as to cultivate mutual respect.

Requirements: The Universal System tends to offer the Honorblade prestige class to characters who have had remarkable experiences ...

If you have focused on one of these to the point of obsession, or if your experiences have touched on most or all of them, then the Universal System may offer you the use of this prestige class.

Restrictions: As an honorblade, your reputation, courage, and integrity are paramount. Therefore, you hew closely to a code of honor. Common facets in such a code include:

You may consult with your gamemaster regarding variations in this code of honor as needed to fit the requirements of the campaign setting.

Base Attack Bonus: +1.0 / level.

Caster Level: Similar to +0.25 / level, see below.

Will Save: +0.25 / level.

Fort Save: +0.50 / level.

Reflex Save: +0.75 / level.

Hit Die: d10.

Table: Honorblade Advancement
LevelBase Attack BonusCaster LevelWill SaveFort SaveRefx SaveSpecial
1st+0.75+0.0+0.50+0.75+0.50Prestige Signature: Duelist
2nd+1.50+1.0+1.00+1.50+1.00Intimidating Posture or Tenacious
3rd+2.25+1.0+1.50+2.25+1.50Lock Down or Lunge
4th+3.00+1.0+2.00+3.00+2.00Spot Malefactor or Eternal Watch
5th+3.75+1.0+2.50+3.75+2.50Prestige Tier Choice
6th+4.50+2.0+3.00+4.50+3.00Master Signature: Defense Master
7th+5.25+2.0+3.50+5.25+3.50Leader or Inspire Trust
8th+6.00+2.0+4.00+6.00+4.00Last Word or Shield Allies
9th+6.75+2.0+4.50+6.75+4.50Xyzzy or Bust Out
10th+7.50+2.5+5.00+7.50+5.00Master Tier Choice

Skill Proficiencies

The honorblade's proficient skills (and the ability scores used to boost each skill) are Break (Str), Climb (Str), Intimidate (Chr), Jump (Str), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tactics (Int).

Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

You are proficient with all simple and martial weapons. You are proficient with all armor and shields, including tower shields.

Spells and Spell Casting

Prestige classes do not add the usual fractional increase to caster level each time you advance. Instead, at some levels you add a full caster level, and at other levels you add none. The spell level of honorblade spells varies from honorblade to honorblade -- see these rules on prestige class spell aquisition. When you cast spells gained through this prestige class, those spells are divine in nature, and they follow the rules for divine spells. The casting ability score for this prestige class is constitution, which is used to set honorblade spell DCs, and, if it is your highest casting ability score, to set concentration checks and bonus spells per day.

KNOWN SPELLS LIST: When you add a caster level, the spells you add to your known spells list are pre-selected:

Class Abilities


Level 1 Honorblade Prestige Tier Signature Ability: Honorblade's Stand (Su) Once you have rolled initiative and entered combat, you can take a stand in defense of a position. You gain combat bonuses the longer you stand in one place without moving. Standing in place for the first round offers no bonus. On the second round, you gain a +1 sacred bonus to attack, to armor class (but not CMD), to damage reduction, and to Will saving throws. On the third round, the bonuses rise to +2; on the fourth round, to +3, and finally, on the fifth round, to +4, that is, +4 to attacks, +4 AC, +4 Will saves, and 4/- damage reduction. If you voluntarily move, even a five-foot step, your bonus resets to +0.

Level 2 Honorblade Prestige Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 3 Honorblade Prestige Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 4 Honorblade Prestige Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 5 Honorblade Prestige Tier Choice: Select a Honorblade Prestige Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a feat from the Honorblade or Hard-Ass Feat Trees for which you qualify, treating your own tier as if it were one step higher.


Level 6 Honorblade Master Tier Signature Ability: Defense Master (Su) You gain a +1 competence bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defefense (CMD); in addition, when you are using your honorblade's stand, that bonus to CMD increases to +2 on the second round, then +4, then +6, then +8. In addition, you may take a five foot step once per round while maintaining your honorblade's stand.

Level 7 Honorblade Master Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 8 Honorblade Master Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 9 Honorblade Master Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 10 Honorblade Master Tier Choice: Select a honorblade Master or Prestige Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a feat from the Honorblade or Hard-Ass Feat Trees for which you qualify, treating your own tier as if it were one step higher.