Labyrinths & Liontaurs



This preliminary set of links includes pages both complete and in progress.

Working Docs

L&L Manifesto. My foundational philosophy for roleplay game design, this screed lays out what I am trying to do, and why.

L&L Progress. A spreadsheet with tables and notes on general progression for character level, race, ability scores, class abilities, skills, and spells. Make sure to click on the many tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Master Spell List. A spreadsheet with every spell in L&L, sorted by the four main magic types, then by level, then by school, then by name.

Master Feat List. A spreadsheet with every feat in L&L, sorted by type of feat, and then alphabetically.


Getting Started: How to Play | Creating a Character | Ability Scores

Modes of Play: Interaction | Exploration | Combat

Magic: Overview | Spell Lists | Spell Index

Possessions: Materials | Weapons and Armor | Equipment | Magic Items | Inventory

Additional Rules: Time | Glossary


Class Choice, Progression, and Experience | Multiclassing

Marrowmancers: Rogue | Barbarian | Fighter

Naturalists: Druid | Monk | Ranger

Priests: Cleric | Summoner | Paladin

Arcanists: Wizard | Bard | Sorcerer

Prestige Classes: Chronicler | Defender | Fixer | Honorblade | Loremaster | Sagittary | Shadowdancer | Walker

Secondary Classes: Adept | Aristocrat | Commoner | Expert | Warrior

Graduating to Epic Play

Characters Beyond Class

Improving Ability Scores and Lionheart Points


Races: Dwarves | Elves | Gnomes | Half-Elves | Half-Orcs | Halflings | Humans | Liontaurs

Skills | Using Skills


Filling Out Your Character: Alignment | Vital Statistics


Setting: The World | The Gods | The Planes


Monster Basics: Creatures Types | Universal Rules

Monster Details: Stat Blocks | Monster Index | Variant Monster Index

Monster Lists: By Type | By CR | By Terrain | Encounters

Monster Forging: Roles | Creation | Advancement

Game Master Guide

Running the Game: Encounters | Rewards | End-Tier Play

Non-Player Characters: NPC Creation | Sample NPCs | NPC Boons

Perils: Traps | Natural Dangers and Catastrophes | Haunts and Other Hazards