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As a dwarf, maybe you left the confines of clan and mountain redoubt to seek glory for yourself or for your people, to find wealth with which to enrich your old fortress-homes or to found your own, or to reclaim fallen dwarven citadels from longtime enemies. Perhaps you seek to do good in the world in service to a god or cause; or you just want to travel to new lands. When conflicts arise, dwarven warfare is often characterized by tunnel fighting and melee combat, and as such most dwarves tend toward classes such as fighters and barbarians.


Introduction: Dwarves are a stoic but stern race, ensconced in cities carved from the hearts of mountains and fiercely determined to repel the depredations of savage races, as they did in ages past before winning the orc wars, and as they do to this day against goblin-kin and kobolds. More than any other race, the dwarves have acquired a reputation as dour and humorless craftsmen of the earth. It could be said that dwarven history shapes the dark disposition of many dwarves, for they reside in high mountains and dangerous realms below the earth, constantly at war with giants, goblins, and other such horrors.

Appearance: Dwarves are a short and stocky race, and stand about a foot shorter than most humans, with wide, compact bodies that account for their burly appearance. Male dwarves pride themselves on the length of their hair and beards, and men often decorate their locks with a variety of clasps and intricate braids; female dwarves sometimes have naturally smooth cheeks and chins, while others are capable of cultivating short beards. Given their ability to endure great burdens, many dwarves wear armor and carry heavy loads.

Society: The great distances between their mountain citadels account for many of the cultural differences that exist within dwarven society. Despite these schisms, dwarves throughout the world are characterized by their love of stonework, their passion for stone- and metal-based artisanship and architecture, and a fierce hatred of giants, orcs, and goblinoids. They have an ancient quarrel with elves, which humans have leveraged as they expanded. More recently, dwarves have come to resent human innovations in metallurgy, although that has not stopped them from using steel as well. Dwarves are driven by honor and tradition, and while they are often seen as dour and standoffish, they have a strong sense of friendship and justice, and those who win their trust understand that, while they work hard, they play even harder. That's especially true when good ale is involved; for no happy dwarf willingly goes without a daily pint. Most dwarves are lawful good.


Character Creation: Apply the following adjustments to every dwarf player character.

Tyro Tier (character level 3): Select one of these three powers:

Adventurer Tier (character level 8): Select one of these three powers*:

Hero Tier (character level 13): Select one of these two powers*:

Legend Tier (character level 18): Select one of these two powers*:

* Or select a lower tier power that you have not chosen before.

Examples of legendary dwarven lesser artifacts:

Note that the dwarves in L&L, while primarily based on traditional RPG and fantasy tropes, also harken to the dwarves of a fabulous computer game, "Dwarf Fortress." Very highly recommended.

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