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As an elf, maybe you will embark on adventures out of a desire to explore the world, leaving a secluded forest realm to reclaim forgotten elven magic or search out lost kingdoms established millennia ago by your forefathers. Perhaps you seek knowledge and wisdom, or maybe you just find the long-lived elf culture too stifling! For elves raised near human society, the ephemeral and unfettered life of an adventurer holds natural appeal. Many elves prefer magic and ranged combat over melee, hating the iron used by elf-foes, preferring classes such as wizards and rangers.


Introduction: The long-lived elves are children of the natural world, created by faerie gods, who made them similar in many ways to fey creatures, yet more grounded and rational. Elves value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends, at both the personal and national levels, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, such alliances can last for generations. Elves have a curious attachment to their surroundings, perhaps as a result of their incredibly long lifespans or some deeper, more mystical reason. Elves who dwell in a region for long find themselves physically adapting to match their surroundings, most noticeably taking on coloration reflecting the local environment. Those elves that spend their lives among the short-lived races, on the other hand, often develop a skewed perception of mortality and become melancholy, the result of watching wave after wave of companions age and die before their eyes.

Appearance: Although generally taller than humans, elves possess a graceful, fragile physique that is accentuated by their long, pointed ears. Their eyes are wide and almond-shaped, and filled with large, vibrantly colored pupils. While elven clothing often plays off the beauty of the natural world, those elves that live in cities tend to bedeck themselves in the latest fashion.

Society: Many elves feel a bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Elves prefer to work in wood and mithril, creating fine arts and beautiful magics, with their inborn patience making them particularly suited to wizardry. Though few in numbers, most elves are powerful with the long experience of age (player character elves are assumed to be rare elvish youths). Elves are emotional and whimsical, yet value kindness and beauty. They have an ancient quarrel with dwarves, which humans have leveraged as they expanded. Most elves are chaotic good.


Character Creation: Apply the following adjustments to every elf player character.

Tyro Tier (character level 3): Select one of these three powers:

Adventurer Tier (character level 8): Select one of these three powers*:

Hero Tier (character level 13): Select one of these two powers*:

Legend Tier (character level 18): Select one of these two powers*:

* Or select a lower tier power that you have not chosen before.

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