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As a halfling, maybe you have an adventurous streak, rare among your kind, but remarkable when it manifests. Does the idea of the typical placid halfling life seem tedious or dull? You may want something more. Compared with larger, clumsier races, halflings have a reputation for professional stealth and common sense. Most adventuring groups are quick to see the value of halfling hero! Many halfling adventurers specialize in missile weapons, precision attacks, and scouting, preferring classes such as rogue, ranger, and fighter.


Introduction: Long have halflings labored for their neighbors and overlords as serfs and peasants. Historically, halflings made up the bulk of the sphinx empire, as the lowest class of laborer. More recently, after that empire fell, halflings have made freeholds and crofts, sometimes ruling themselves in villages and shires, other times living under the protection of a lord of some other race. Halflings are known as hard workers with clever hands, talented in a bucolic sort of way. However, some families of halflings are known for their curiosity, fearlessness, and good luck.

Appearance: Halflings are the shortest race of demi-humans, ranging from two and a half to three and a half feet tall. They usually dress in homespun clothes, plain for everyday wear, embroidered and colorful for celebrations (of which there are many in halfling custom). They tend to be slow, sturdy, even dumpy; but they are also quiet, clever, and accurate. One reknowned sage has described them as "fattish in the stomach, shortish in the leg. A round, jovial face; ears only slightly pointed and 'elvish'; hair short and curling (brown). The feet from the ankles down, covered with brown hairy fur."

Society: Halflings respect tradition, good food (and plenty of it), and simple comforts. They like things to be orderly and predictable, the same day by day, year by year, living on farms and in small villages. They tend to follow the words of their elders, and elect mayors as needed when they rule themselves. Halflings are known for their love of round doors and windows, then they often dwell in hillside tunnels, which can be simple and humble or extensive and luxurious. Most halflings are lawful good.


Character Creation: Apply the following adjustments to every halfling player character.

Tyro Tier (character level 3): Select one of these three powers:

Adventurer Tier (character level 8): Select one of these three powers*:

Hero Tier (character level 13): Select one of these two powers*:

Legend Tier (character level 18): Select one of these two powers*:

* Or select a lower tier power that you have not chosen before.

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