Labyrinths & Liontaurs



People like you, bound by oath to doing what is right, may be few in numbers, but your generous spirit strides the world with the strength of a multitude! You have dedicated your will, words, and weapons to battle injustice and cruelty. Knights, crusaders, and law-bringers, you and your fellow paladins seek not just to spread divine justice but to embody the teachings of the virtuous god or gods you serve. In pursuit of your lofty goals, you bind your soul to ironclad laws of morality and discipline. As a reward for your righteousness, you are blessed with powers to banish evil, heal the innocent, and inspire the faithful. Although your convictions may sometimes lead you into conflict with the very souls you seek to save, you do not fear temptation as you risk your life to bring about a brighter future.

Role: You serve as a beacon of kindness and generosity for your allies in the maelstrom of battle. You are a deadly foe of chaos and evil, and you encourage others to rally to your cause. Your magic and martial skills make you a potent protector, helping others to stay strong in the fight for good and law.

Restrictions: You must be lawful good. You must honor either a specific god that is neutral good, lawful good, or lawful neutral; or you may honor unnamed gods who bestow their gifts on you without the desire for recognition, setting an example of anonymous generosity that you may do well to emulate. You have sworn to uphold a code of conduct that includes:

Note that your code does not require you to act stupidly or to hurt yourself or your allies. You should not expect your allies to follow your code, although you appreciate it when they do, and you are likely to be wary and uncomfortable when they do not. You may find yourself in situations faced with no good choices -- there is no blame in that, unless it was your own foolishness that unintentionally placed you in such a quandry. Even in that case, intent matters, and the consequences for deliberate violations are greater than for random chance, mishaps, and mistakes.

If you find yourself knowingly and willingly violating this code of conduct, or behaving in a chaotic or evil way, then you and your game master should have a conversation about changing class or seeking atonement. On a second intentional violation, you lose your ability to cast divine spells, and you must seek out an atonement as soon as possible; on a third violation, your game master is strongly encouraged to require retraining with a new class. If the violation is involuntary or accidental, an atonement spell is the best way to achieve purification.

Base Attack Bonus: +1.0 / level.

Caster Level: +0.5 / level.

Will Save: +0.25 / level.

Fort Save: +0.50 / level.

Reflex Save: +0.50 / level.

Hit Die: d10.

Table: Paladin Advancement
LevelBase Attack BonusCaster LevelFort SaveWill SaveRef SaveSpecial
1st+1 (+1.0)0 (0.5)+0 (+0.50)+0 (+0.25)+0 (+0.50)Tyro Signature: Divine Champion
2nd+2 (+2.0)1 (1.0)+1 (+1.00)+0 (+0.50)+1 (+1.00)Judgement or Lay On Hands
3rd+3 (+3.0)1 (1.5)+1 (+1.50)+0 (+0.75)+1 (+1.50)Tyro Smite Evil or Tyro Smite Chaos
4th+4 (+4.0)2 (2.0)+2 (+2.00)+1 (+1.00)+2 (+2.00)Aura Search or Armored Life I
5th+5 (+5.0)2 (2.5)+2 (+2.50)+1 (+1.25)+2 (+2.50)Tyro Tier Choice
6th+6 (+6.0)3 (3.0)+3 (+3.00)+1 (+1.50)+3 (+3.00)Adventurer Signature: Divine Bond
7th+7 (+7.0)3 (3.5)+3 (+3.50)+1 (+1.75)+3 (+3.50)Noble Mien or Channel Energy
8th+8 (+8.0)4 (4.0)+4 (+4.00)+2 (+2.00)+4 (+4.00)Adventurer Smite Evil or Adventurer Smite Chaos
9th+9 (+9.0)4 (4.5)+4 (+4.50)+2 (+2.25)+4 (+4.50)Aura Track or Armored Life II
10th+10 (+10.0)5 (5.0)+5 (+5.00)+2 (+2.50)+5 (+5.00)Adventurer Tier Choice
11th+11 (+11.0)5 (5.5)+5 (+5.50)+2 (+2.75)+5 (+5.50)Hero Signature: Bulwark
12th+12 (+12.9)6 (6.0)+6 (+6.00)+3 (+3.00)+6 (+6.00)Inspire Truth or Channel Energy
13th+13 (+13.0)6 (6.5)+6 (+6.50)+3 (+3.25)+6 (+6.50)Hero Smite Evil or Hero Smite Chaos
14th+14 (+14.0)7 (7.0)+7 (+7.00)+3 (+3.50)+7 (+7.00)Justice Quest or Armored Life III
15th+15 (+15.0)7 (7.5)+7 (+7.50)+3 (+3.75)+7 (+7.50)Hero Tier Choice
16th+16 (+16.0)8 (8.0)+8 (+8.00)+4 (+4.00)+8 (+8.00)Legend Signature: Shining Light
17th+17 (+17.0)8 (8.5)+8 (+8.50)+4 (+4.25)+8 (+8.50)Exorcism or Channel Energy
18th+18 (+18.0)9 (9.0)+9 (+9.00)+4 (+4.50)+9 (+9.00)Legend Smite Evil or Legend Smite Chaos
19th+19 (+19.0)9 (9.5)+9 (+9.50)+4 (+4.75)+9 (+9.50)Soulwalking or Armored Life IV
20th+20 (+20.0)10 (10.0)+10 (+10.00)+5 (+5.00)+10 (+10.00)Legend Tier Choice

Skill Proficiencies

The paladin's proficient skills (and the ability scores used to boost each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (Nobility, Religion) (Int), Language (Celestial) (Int), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), and Tactics (Int).

Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

Select any three weapon groups of your choice (see the rules for weapon groups in Weapons and Armor). You are proficient with all simple weapons in these three groups, and with martial weapons in two of them. You are also proficient with all armors and shields (not tower shields).

Spells and Spell Casting

At second level, when your caster level is one, you can cast divine spells, which are drawn from the divine spell list presented in Spell Lists. As with all characters, you follow the general magic rules for spell slots per day, based on your caster level, which advances by half a caster level every time you gain a paladin level. As a priest, charisma is your spell casting ability score.

KNOWN SPELLS LIST: Each time you gain a caster level, you learn two new spells. Because you are a priest, you may choose to pick spells from the divine spell list. The level of the spell cannot exceed half your new paladin level (minimum 1).

SAVING THROWS: A saving throw against one of your spells has a difficulty class (DC) of 9 + 1/2 spell slot used + your Casting Ability Score modifier. Certain feats and class abilities can modify your save DCs. Example: an Cha 18 paladin casting a 1st level spell with a 4th level slot has a DC for that spell of 9 +4 +2 = 15. The +2 comes from the 4th level slot used; the level of the spell itself is not relevant.

Class Abilities


Level 1 Paladin Tyro Tier Signature Ability: Divine Champion (Su) You represent your god to mortals, and you gain abilities that mark you as touched by the divine. You have a strong aura of Law and Good that is clear when you are scanned by divination spells. This aura gives you an immunity to possession and compulsion effects. It grants a sacred bonus to all saving throws equal to your odd (column A) Charisma modifier. It also grants the same bonus to your armor class against attacks by chaotic evil creatures.

Level 2 Paladin Tyro Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 3 Paladin Tyro Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 4 Paladin Tyro Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 5 Paladin Tyro Tier Choice: Select a Paladin Tyro Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a teamwork feat for which you qualify.


Level 6 Paladin Adventurer Tier Signature Ability: Divine Bond You form a powerful bond with an object or a creature, either a bonded spirit or a divine companion. A bonded spirit can possess an object and enhance its utility to you, while a divine companion, an outsider in the shape of an animal, helps you in combat, often as a mount.

Bonded spirit: As a standard action, you can call for the aid of a celestial spirit for 1 minute per character level. When called, the spirit enters a weapon, armor, or shield and grants it a +1 enhancement bonus and causes it to shed light as a torch; if the weapon already has an enhancement bonus, then the bonus from the spirit stacks with the item's normal enhancement bonus. For every three character levels advanced after gaining this ability, the item gains another +1 enhancement bonus. The celestial spirit imparts no bonuses if the weapon is used by anyone other than you, but it resumes giving bonuses if returned to you. You can divide these bonuses between the two ends of a double weapon. You can use this ability once per day when first gained, and one additional time per day for every four character levels gained thereafter. You cannot use this ability on an intelligent item.

Divine Companion: You gain a divine companion, summoned from your god's home plane, at no cost. It manifests as a four-legged creature, usually in the shape of a warhorse, but at your discretion, it can appear as a wolf, bear, deer, some other animal. Your divine companion most often serves as a mount, though that is not required. It is, in fact, an outsider summoned by you through your god's intercession, and it grows more powerful with time. Your choices for your divine companion's form, as well as special abilities gained at certain levels, are detailed below.

Level 7 Paladin Adventurer Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 8 Paladin Adventurer Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 9 Paladin Adventurer Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 10 Paladin Adventurer Tier Choice: Select a Paladin Adventurer Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a teamwork feat for which you qualify.


Level 11 Paladin Hero Tier Signature Ability: Bulwark (Su): You are immune to fear and disease. Your allies within 5 ft per character level gain a +4 sacred bonus to save vs fear and disease effects. If an ally within that range suffers an attack that would drive them into negative hit points, you can choose to accept half of that damage yourself as nonlethal damage; the ally suffers the other half per usual. You always retain the immunities granted by this signature power, but the other aspects of bulwark do not function if you are unconscious.

Level 12 Paladin Hero Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 13 Paladin Hero Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 14 Paladin Hero Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 15 Paladin Hero Tier Choice: Select a Paladin Hero, Adventurer, or Tyro Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or select a teamwork feat for which you qualify.


Level 16 Paladin Legend Tier Signature Ability: Shining Light (Su): You gain the Sacred Light cantrip; if you already have it, you gain another divine cantrip of your choice. In addition, you can release a 30-foot burst of pure daylight as a standard action. This ability affects creatures of chaotic or evil alignment, as you prefer; aligned creatures within this burst take 1d6 points of damage for every two character levels you have and are blinded for 1 round. Dragons, outsiders, and undead with the alignment you select are blinded for 2-5 rounds. A reflex save halves this damage and bestows the dazzled condition instead of the blinded condition. The DC of this save is equal to 9 + half your character level + your even (column B) Charisma modifier. Lawful good, neutral good, and lawful neutral creatures within this burst are healed 1d6 points of damage per two character levels and receive a +2 sacred bonus on all d20 rolls until the end of your next round. You can release this burst of light once per day.

Level 17 Paladin Legend Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 18 Paladin Legend Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 19 Paladin Legend Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 20 Paladin Legend Tier Choice: Select a Paladin Legend, Hero, Adventurer, or Tyro Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a teamwork feat for which you qualify.

Divine Companions

A divine companion's abilities are determined by your character level, its hit dice, and the general rules for companions. Your companion is a creature of the outsider type for all purposes. A companion always appears as a normal (or dire-size) animal. A horse is the most common, but dogs, wolves, bears, deer, or any other animal is fine. Regardless of appearance, divine companions all have the same statistics, and are either medium in size or large. Each has but one natural attack, and it gains a strength bonus on damage equal to 1-1/2 times its even (column B) Strength modifier. As you gain levels, your divine companion improves as well.

You may want to make a character sheet for your divine companion. Use the basic statistics for a creature of the companion's species listed below. Your companion gains a hit die each time you level, per the the general rules for companions .

Choose from the following options for your divine companion:

In addition to the capabilities above, when your divine companion gains an even hit die, select one of the Class Special abilities listed below or one in the Companion rules. If the name of these abilities include a roman numeral, it indicates that the prior ones in the series are required before an advanced one can be taken.