Labyrinths & Liontaurs



When people are facing problems they cannot handle, you are the person who finds a way through the mess. When subtlety and discretion are required, you supply that in spades. When you need to slip in and then out of a situation without being recognized, no problem. You may be called on to speak publicly to represent someone else, or you may be undercover and unknown to all. Threats, blackmail, abuse, criminality -- some fixers solve those kinds of problem; other fixers use those tools as needed. Rescue, assassination, leadership, stealth, spying, and just plain common sense are your specialties.

You help your friends, or your friends of friends, or just maybe anyone with the right amount of coin. You may work for powerful people or the common folk, for a higher purpose or for yourself. Although people have specialized in fixing problems in every culture, the fixer is not a common fantasy trope; you may find it useful to preuse this Wikipedia article on fixers.

Role: Within an adventuring party, some fixers are team captains or guides, leading their parties through whatever it takes to fix the latest snafu. Or you may focus as an individual on fixing the problems your friends make for themselves! Rogues, bards, and rangers -- people with a diversity of useful skills -- make great fixers, but any class can have the wit and gumption to step into the breach when things go wrong.

Requirements: The Universal System tends to offer the Fixer prestige class to characters who have had remarkable experiences ...

If you have focused on one of these to the point of obsession, or if your experiences have touched on most or all of them, then the Universal System may offer you the use of this prestige class.

Base Attack Bonus: +0.50 / level.

Caster Level: Similar to +0.75 / level, see below.

Will Save: +0.50 / level.

Fort Save: +0.50 / level.

Reflex Save: +0.50 / level.

Hit Die: d6.

Table: Fixer Advancement
LevelBase Attack BonusCaster LevelWill SaveFort SaveRefx SaveSpecial
1st+0.50+1.0+0.50+0.50+0.50Prestige Signature: The Fix Is In
2nd+1.00+2.0+1.00+1.00+1.00Discretion or Can-Do
3rd+1.50+2.0+1.50+1.50+1.50Surprisingly Skilled or Poisoner
4th+2.00+3.0+2.00+2.00+2.00Eidetic Memory or Find Clue
5th+2.50+4.0+2.50+2.50+2.50Prestige Tier Choice
6th+3.00+5.0+3.00+3.00+3.00Master Signature: Quick Change Artist
7th+3.50+5.0+3.50+3.50+3.50Read Minds or Thwart Magical Meddling
8th+4.00+6.0+4.00+4.00+4.00Take Initiative or Backstab
9th+4.50+7.0+4.50+4.50+4.50Emergency Responder or Short Cut
10th+5.00+7.5+5.00+5.00+5.00Master Tier Choice

Skill Proficiencies

The fixer's proficient skills (and the ability scores used to boost each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Dex), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Chr), Knowledge (all) (Int), Language (Int), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spot (Wis), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis), Use Magic Device (Wis), and Use Rope (Str).

Skill Ranks per Level: 8 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

You gain no new proficiency with weapons, armor, or shields.

Spells and Spell Casting

Prestige classes do not add the usual fractional increase to caster level each time you advance. Instead, at some levels you add a full caster level, and at other levels you add none. The spell level of fixer spells varies from fixer to fixer -- see these rules on prestige class spell aquisition. When you cast spells gained through this prestige class, those spells are inherent in nature, and they follow the rules for inherent spells. The casting ability score for this prestige class is wisdom, which is used to set fixer spell DCs, and, if it is your highest casting ability score, to set concentration checks and bonus spells per day.

KNOWN SPELLS LIST: When you add a caster level, the spells you add to your known spells list are pre-selected:

Class Abilities


Level 1 Fixer Prestige Tier Signature Ability: The Fix Is In (Su) Excluding hit dice, you can spend eight lionheart points and "fix" any single die that you are about to roll -- instead of rolling, you declare the numeric result. When you "fix" the result, treat the roll as you declared, so long as the result is within the physically possible range of the die rolled. Each time you reach an even character level after first gaining this ability, reduce the lionheart point cost by one. If you have not used this ability today and you do not have enough lionheart points to do so, you may still use this ablity once, spending all the points you do have, but you cannot use it again for 48 hours.

Level 2 Fixer Prestige Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 3 Fixer Prestige Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 4 Fixer Prestige Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 5 Fixer Prestige Tier Choice: Select a Fixer Prestige Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a feat from the Trickster or Sniper Feat Trees for which you qualify, treating your own tier as if it were one step higher.


Level 6 Fixer Master Tier Signature Ability: Quick Change Artist (Sp) With a standard action, you can physically polymorph your body and possessions in any way you prefer to assume the shape of another person, similar to the Alter Self spell. However, your ability scores do not change. Your move and vision are replaced with those of your new form, and unlike the spell, your racial weakness and special are also replaced if they are diferent from your original race. If your racial special includes a bonus feat, as for half-elves and humans, then the first time you take that form, pick the feat -- that is the feat you take every time you assume that form. Finally, you gain the ability to speak the new form's racial language as if you were a native speaker; and you can assume the form of a specific individual if you have spent at least one uninterrupted minute in their presence, using a standard action each round to study the person, watch their mannerisms, and listen to their voice. This ability can be used once per day, and it lasts until you revert to your normal form (as a move action), until you are affected by a polymorph effect, or until you use this ability again. Equipment you change reverts one minute after it leaves your possession unless you reclaim it. Magical properties of equipment do not change.

Level 7 Fixer Master Tier Interaction Ability (pick one):

Level 8 Fixer Master Tier Combat Ability (pick one):

Level 9 Fixer Master Tier Exploration Ability (pick one):

Level 10 Fixer Master Tier Choice: Select a fixer Master or Prestige Tier Interaction, Combat, or Exploration ability that you have not yet chosen, or choose a feat from the Trickster or Sniper Feat Trees for which you qualify, treating your own tier as if it were one step higher.