Monsters by CR

The following section lists all monsters included in this book, alphabetically by CR. Variant monsters (such as the alternate versions of iron cobras and the various giant vermin of alternate sizes) are not included in this list—an index of these monsters appears instead in the Variant Monster List. In the case of templates, like skeletons and ghosts, only the sample creature presented with a full stat block at the start of the template's entry in this book are included. Similarly, for dragons, only those that have full stat blocks presented in this book are listed on the following tables (young, adult, and ancient dragons)—dragons of other age categories are not included on these lists.

CR 1/8

bat, toad

CR 1/6

lizard, raven

CR 1/4

cat, kobold, mite, monkey, rat

CR 1/3

dire rat, dog, drow, duergar, fire beetle, goblin, hawk, merfolk, orc, owl, skeleton (human)

CR 1/2

aasimar, dolphin, eagle, giant centipede, hobgoblin, poison frog, pony, riding dog, stirge, tengu, tiefling, vegepygmy, viper, weasel, zombie (human)

CR 1

air elemental (small), darkmantle, earth elemental (small), fire elemental (small), ghoul, giant frog, giant spider, gnoll, goblin dog, homunculus, horse, hyena, lemure, lizardfolk, octopus, pseudodragon, spider swarm, squid, svirfneblin, troglodyte, venomous snake, water elemental (small), wolf

CR 2

aurochs, bat swarm, boar, boggard, bugbear, cave fisher, cheetah, choker, constrictor snake, crocodile, dark creeper, dire bat, dretch, electric eel, giant ant, giant crab, giant leech, gorilla, imp, iron cobra, lantern archon, leopard, monitor lizard, morlock, quasit, rat swarm, sahuagin, shark, shocker lizard, skeletal champion, skum, vargouille, wererat, werewolf, wolverine, worg, yellow musk creeper

CR 3

air elemental (medium), air mephit, animated object, ankheg, assassin vine, centaur, cockatrice, deinonychus, derro, dire ape, dire hyena, dire wolf, doppelganger, drow noble, dryad, dust mephit, earth elemental (medium), earth mephit, ettercap, fire elemental (medium), fire mephit, gelatinous cube, giant eagle, giant mantis, giant scorpion, giant wasp, hell hound, ice mephit, lion, magma mephit, ogre, ooze mephit, pegasus, pteranodon, rust monster, salt mephit, shadow, steam mephit, unicorn, violet fungus, wasp swarm, water elemental (medium), water mephit, wight, yeth hound

CR 4

barghest, bison, centipede swarm, crab swarm, dark stalker, dire boar, dire wolverine, gargoyle, giant stag beetle, gray ooze, griffon, grizzly bear, harpy, hound archon, hydra, janni, leech swarm, mimic, minotaur, otyugh, owlbear, pixie, rhinoceros, satyr, sea hag, tiger, yeti

CR 5

air elemental (large), army ant swarm, basidirond, basilisk, bearded devil, cloaker, cyclops, dire lion, djinni, earth elemental (large), fire elemental (large), giant frilled lizard, giant moray eel, gibbering mouther, green hag, half-celestial unicorn, ice golem, manticore, mummy, nightmare, ochre jelly, orca, phase spider, troll, water elemental (large), winter wolf, wraith

CR 6

ankylosaurus, babau, bralani, ettin, girallon, half-fiend minotaur, kyton, lamia, salamander, shambling mound, white dragon (young), will-o'-wisp, wood golem, woolly rhinoceros, wyvern, xill, xorn

CR 7

aboleth, air elemental (huge), black dragon (young), black pudding, brass dragon (young), bulette, chimera, chuul, dire bear, dracolisk, drider, earth elemental (huge), elasmosaurus, elephant, fire elemental (huge), flesh golem, ghost, greater barghest, hill giant, invisible stalker, lillend, medusa, nymph, remorhaz, shadow demon, shaitan, spectre, stegosaurus, succubus, water elemental (huge)

CR 8

behir, copper dragon (young), dark naga, dire tiger, efreeti, erinyes, giant octopus, giant slug, gorgon, greater shadow, green dragon (young), intellect devourer, mohrg, nabasu, ogre mage, sphinx, stone giant, treant, triceratops

CR 9

air elemental (greater), blue dragon (young), bone devil, bronze dragon (young), dire crocodile, dire shark, dragon turtle, earth elemental (greater), fire elemental (greater), frost giant, giant squid, marid, mastodon, nessian warhound, night hag, roc, spirit naga, tyrannosaurus, vampire, vrock, water elemental (greater)

CR 10

bebilith, brachiosaurus, clay golem, couatl, fire giant, giant flytrap, guardian naga, rakshasa, red dragon (young), silver dragon (young), white dragon (adult)

CR 11

air elemental (elder), barbed devil, black dragon (adult), brass dragon (adult), cauchemar, cloud giant, devourer, earth elemental (elder), fire elemental (elder), gold dragon (young), hezrou, retriever, stone golem, water elemental (elder)

CR 12

copper dragon (adult), green dragon (adult), lich, purple worm, roper, sea serpent

CR 13

blue dragon (adult), bronze dragon (adult), froghemoth, ghaele, glabrezu, ice devil, iron golem, storm giant

CR 14

astral deva, crag linnorm, nalfeshnee, red dragon (adult), silver dragon (adult), trumpet archon

CR 15

gold dragon (adult), neothelid, phoenix, white dragon (ancient)

CR 16

black dragon (ancient), brass dragon (ancient), horned devil, planetar

CR 17

copper dragon (ancient), green dragon (ancient), ice linnorm, marilith

CR 18

blue dragon (ancient), bronze dragon (ancient), kraken

CR 19

red dragon (ancient), shoggoth, silver dragon (ancient)

CR 20

balor, gold dragon (ancient), pit fiend, tarn linnorm

CR 23


CR 25